The CoDA Finance Committee provides financial oversight, analysis, tracking, and advice to the Board of Trustees and Fellowship of CoDA with respect to cash flow, prudent budgeting, financial stability, and monetary resources of the CoDA Fellowship.
Review the proposed budgets of standing committees and the CoDA Board prior to submission for CSC vote, advising changes or outlining options, a s prudence requires.
Provide input to the NSC related to financial implications of proposals under discussion.
Track CoDA’s cash-flow and appraise the CoDA Board or committee chairs of financial concerns or circumstances which may require budgetary adjustments between CoDA Service Conferences.
This year, we designed a new expense report, a new expense report submission flow,  a new budget planning form and a new meeting planning document.  There was some confusion about the new  budget form because the old, combined form --the one which included  both goals and budget planning-- were also distributed to committees. We will ask the Board to remove the budget plan from the bottom of the goals paperwork. We will add sub-totals and totals to the committee budget form! I didn't  notice until  2 am  last night that I forgot a line for the total.

We encourage the Board and committees to give us advance notice of any motions or plans that have substantive financial implications. 

We had one face to face in Phoenix, where 3 of our members met with Lauren, the bookkeeper.  

The Finance Committee believes that the Service Conference is a cost of doing business for CoDA. It's a necessary business event.  The Convention is a recovery event which is supposed to be fully self-supporting by the prices paid by attendees. Combining the two creates an opportunity to address the  financial implications for the Fellowship. It is too early for us to know how this year's combined event has done financially. As soon as we have those numbers, we will report the information.