CoDA Service Conference _2009_

Committee Report

Committee: ___TMC________________ Date:_____________

Members (list each by first name, last initial and VE): Roy L. (Ga), Judi T (), Fernando C. (Ca), Gerry B. (CAN)

Discussion Items:

1. Report on VEI (TX-08-02). TMC discussed and then asked for CoRe & CoDA board to discuss. CoDA board discussed this in one of the QSR’s. The whole book has already been translated and the idea is that each document be translated as written. TMC received feedback from the Spanish community that stories of circumstances of codependency may be different, but the experience of codependency are the same no matter what your nationality. Dissapproved

2. Lessons Learned in Spanish Translation.

3. Proof reading committee. Do not have any of the 4 documents ready for CoRe. Striving to have those ASAP.

3. Many Activities (TMC Actions.xls)

4. Many New documents (go over Procedures only)

5. TMC still has an open issue to create a policy of minimum Quality for publications

6. Goals & Objectives for 2010

7. Motions #1, #2 & 3#

TMC Goals & Action Items & Budget

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TMC Procedures

TMC Interface Procedures

Translation, Proofing and P&D


When person contacts CoDA to translate/proof, send them the following:

TMC Translation Policy

TMC Priorities

TMC Recognized VE’s

TMC application.

Person sends in completed application.

TMC reviews and makes sure that there are no competing translations, signs application approving action. TMC sends the following:

Signed TMC Application

Email approval to translate Meeting Starter Packet (MSP)

Receives the MSP, reviews it and approves/disapproves it. If disapproved, works with person until quality is sufficient. If approved, sends the following:

TMC Translation Policy

TMC Translation Agreement

TMC Doc List (IAW TMC priority list)

Receives and approves/disapproves various translations as they are sent in. If disapproved, work with person till quality is sufficient. If approved, sends following:

Email to proceed to next document on original TMC Doc List.

If person request additional documents, approve/disapprove and send TMC Doc List Rev

Continue process until person has completed all documents they are approved to translate.


In some cases, it will be necessary to work with other individuals or professionals for proofing services for translated documents. This should be done each time that CoRe expresses a desire to print and translate any of the translations.

Upon need for proofing, let it be known the type of services that are required through the web or mouth-to-mouth. Upon person expressing interest send the following:

TMC Translation policy

TMC Proof Agreement

TMC Doc List

As documents are proofed, approve/disapprove. If disapproved, work with person until quality is sufficient. If approved, send notification to proceed with next document on list or send a TMC Doc List Rev to extend the item that the person will proof.


At some point in the translation process, the entity may send an email to TMC requesting approval for publication and translation of those documents translated. Based on research as to other entities publishing and distributing the same language, TMC will approve/disapprove the request in email form.

If disapproved, information will be given as to what other sources are available to the entity to obtain the material. While cost is a major concern about literature, it is not the only concern. Viability of previous established publishing and translating agreements will be considered.

If approved, TMC will send the following:

TMC P&D Policy

TMC Recognized VE’s

TMC P&D Agreement

TMC P&D Doc List

From year to year the TMC P&D Agreement requires entity provide certain sales data along with a $1 per item renewal fee. Once these items are received and approved, TMC will send the following:

TMC P&D Renewal Order.

A revised TMC P&D Doc List (with new rates as applicable).

Person may request approval to extend the original Doc list at any time. When a request is received, it will be reviewed and approved/disapproved. If disapproved, the reasons for the decision will be forwarded to the person. If approved, TMC will send the following:

A revised TMC P&D Doc List


TMC Actions

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Lessons Learned:

Lessons Learned

(History of Spanish Translations)

Lesson #1: translation cannot be accomplished by a group not under the control of CoDA Fellowship (CSC) and/or board.

About 1995 CoDAWS was created to effectively deal with other groups outside the US. In 1997 CoDAWS asked for and received the right to translate and distribute literature outside the US. After a period of time they received some translated documents and by 2000 reported on various efforts. The DAA group guide was presented at Conference, but never went anywhere after that. In 2001, some "Draft" Spanish documents were copied by CoRe and distributed. At the 2002 Conference, a motion was made that royalties from translated literature sold within the US would be retained and set aside for translation of more literature. Somewhere around this time, the Spanish Items were added to the CoRe Order form. In 2002, a motion was made to translate the Website into Spanish. In 2003/2004, CoDA, Inc. took away the licensing agreement with CoDAWS and became an International Organization. The Translation Management Committee (TMC) was established by motion at 2004 Conference.

Lesson#2: Quick action is no substitute for proper planning and prioritization.

The Translation Management Committee (TMC) was established by motion at 2004 Conference. At the 2005 Conference, TMC made a motion to use up to $25,000 for translation of existing literature to Spanish. TMC actually spent $16,250  CoRe Spent $10,000 (CK#10005 - 5/11/2007??? Over the next several years to publish 3 documents. The board consistently requested TMC to develop it Priorities, Procedures and Policy (PPP). CoRe made a decision in March 2008 to pull the old documents from the order form because of their poor quality. By the time CoRe tried to publish more Spanish literature, the translation was so bad, that it had to be retranslated at a cost of $???. Board made a motion for TMC to be responsible for proofing before handing the documents over to CoRe. TMC spent a year looking for a proofer. Over six months to get a group of proofers established. As of March 2009, they started proofing the foundational documents. Other items will follow. At 2008 conference, CoRE presented their goals to publish the following Spanish item in 2009.

     Am I CoDependent
     CoDA Book

Lesson#3: TMC must coordinate with three entities: Board, CoRe, Literature Committee.

In the same QSR that it was announced that most Spanish literature has been translated, Literature Committee announced the 2nd edition of "Affirmations" was completed. Since then, Literature Committee has completed revisions to 12 & 12 workbook and CoDA book. TMC just started to proof these, when this was brought up.

Lesson#4: Translating, Proofing and publication is a time consuming and takes time.

Some complaints have been received about the delay from 2006 when most of CoDA literature was translated to now, when only 3 documents have been published. In actuality, the process started as early as 1995 when CoDAWS broke off from CoDA, Inc. with the idea of publishing literature for other nations.

Lesson#5: Priority, Policy or Procedure (PPP) for TMC is necessary and must be followed.

As of 2009, PPP are in place and being followed. However, it will only take a change in personnel on TMC for all of this to change.

Lesson#6: TMC must update CSC & Board on all actions/inactions.

Yearly reports to CSC should reflect all contacts and agreements processed during the year.

CONCLUSION: Roy L. gave a status of lack of actions on all and various translations and made a goal for the TMC to contact all of the translators and get the process flowing.


1. Backup Information


Backup Information

9/1/1994, NSC Motion 94068: The World Service Committee moves that it is to operate as a Committee of CoDA Inc. until such time as the WSC is able to operate and function autonomously as a world structure.

Vote: Unanimous

9/1/1994, NSC Motion 94069: The Conference recommends continued use of unapproved translations of Conference approved material with a disclaimer until such time that translation material is approved by the US National Service Conference. Material will be updated as US National Literature is approved or amended.

Vote: Unanimous

11/13/1995, NSC Motion 95019: Move to accept the WSO {soon to be CoDAWS} report as presented.

Intent: For the record to start a paper trail which will eventually lead to a separation of WSO from National CoDA.

Vote: Majority

11/13/1995, NSC Motion 95039: Move that black and white version, with non National CoDA seal, and "DRAFT" appearing on the face of the new literature material presented to the fellowship as "Draft" release only and to include the date of the draft release. Foreign translation shall be allowed as to prior Conference motions, with ownership of copyrighted material retained by CoDA Inc.

Intent: A clear definition of "Draft" material. Also allows fellowship to read the material and given input, as well as, allowing foreign translation of draft material.

Vote: 2/3 vote

11/13/1995, NSC Motion 95050: Move that CSO will refer all international inquiries regarding CoDA to WSC {soon to be CoDAWS}.

Intent: Downsizing of CSO. Transfer function to appropriate Committee.

Vote: Unanimous

~1995: CoDA World Services (CoDAWS) was created.

1/1/1998, Board Motion 98007: WSO{CoDAWS} requests written license to translate and publish CoDA literature, including authorization to give permission to print foreign language translations.
Intent: To facilitate marketing of literature in the appropriate language for a specific meeting.
Vote: Unanimous

8/15/1998, Board Motion 98061: CoDA will discontinue the donation being made to WSO, effective immediately.
Intent: At the 1997 NSC, WSO indicated that 7th Tradition Donations were not adequate to fund WSO activities. Therefore, with the recommendation of the 1997 Finance Committee, excess funds from CoDA were to be made available to WSO to assist their operation until their donations increased or they were able to print and distribute foreign translations of CoDA material outside the U.S.

CoDA Inc. has made un-budgeted donations in the amount of $9,265 since the September 1997 Service Conference.

1. Because of the shortfall in revenues from CoRe to CoDA, the board feels it is no longer prudent to continue the donation.

2. The CoDA Board of Trustees and WSO have entered into a licensing agreement whereby WSO may print and distribute foreign translations outside the United States, therefore, developing their own revenue stream.

Vote: Unanimous

10/8/1998, NSC Motion 98033: This service Conference donate $5,000 to WSO.

Intent: For failure to fulfill commitment for past years.

Vote: 2/3 Vote

10/8/1998, NSC Motion 98034: That the royalty monies on literature sold outside the U.S. that CoRe's presently sending to National be directed to World Service CoDA.

Intent: To properly provide income due to World Service as a result of literature orders from countries outside the U.S coming through CoRe. World service sends literature order forms out with every outgoing letter informing... literature all around the world.

This results in order being received at CoRe. Receiving royalty on this small amount will be a big help in getting World Service headed in a direction of being self supporting. This will have a very small effect on CoDA National income.

Vote: Unanimous

10/8/1998, NSC Motion 98035: Add addendum to the licensing agreement to permit World Service to print in any language outside the U.S. including English. Literature within the U.S. and retain the royalties on same. Modified and not reread)

Vote: 2/3 vote

10/9/1998, NSC Motion 98042: All contracts for services that impact the Board or the Fellowship or the organization, CoDA, Inc. will be reviewed by all board members prior to signing.

Vote: Unanimous

1/16/1999, Board Motion 99019: All payments to WSO will cease pending review of the 1999 financial outlook.

Remarks: $2600 of the WSO 1999 budget was already paid in error to WSO in 1998

Vote: Unanimous

8/22/1999, Board Motion 99061: To reduced the payment to WSO to match the percentage of CoDA income. And the issue to be taken to the NSC for a final decision on payment.
Intent: To maintain a balanced budget. CoDA income is far below the amount projected at the 98 NSC.

Vote: Majority

6/14/2000, Board Note 00070: Will add the statement: The CoDA Board is happy to report, "The funds allocated for WS Coda at the 1999 NSC ($6865) have been sent to WS CoDA."

9/17/2000, board note 00142: The WSO {CoDAWS} liaison will get information from WSO on when they will be available to meet.

The CoRe liaison will get information from CoRe on when they will be available to meet.

It is preferred that we meet with WSO Tuesday am and CoRe Tuesday pm and have the Board meeting on Wednesday am.

10/11/2000, Board Note 00169: WSO did a presentation of the D.A.A. Group Guide to the CoDA Board

10/13/2000, NSC Note 00037: Introduction of Board. Made progress in various literature in other languages. A group guide translated from French to English will be presented after lunch. Goals and budget presented. Introduction of Group guide.

10/13/2000, NSC Note 00038: Gave report on operating expenses for the past year and proposed budget for this year.

11/12/2000, Board Motion 00203: The Board not give permission to copy CoDA copyrighted literature.
Intent: To protect CoDA copyrights

Vote: Unanimous

12/10/2000, Board Note 00234: Curtis will convey the boards concerns to WSCoDA about their 501C3 status.

1/12/2001, Board Note 01023: WS CoDA has filed for their 501,c)(3)

4/8/2001, Board Note 01121: The WS CoDA liaison will check with WS CoDA in regards to a written contract on the use of the CoDA copyrights by WS CoDA

6/8/2001, Board Note 001160: Curtis will check with WS CoDA to see if they have heard about their 501c3 status.

9/13/2001, NSC Note 01025: CoDA WS gave their report.

CoDA US can have two (2) voting delegates at CoDA WS.

9/13/2001, NSC Note 01027: CoDA WS gave their report.

CoDA US can have two (2) voting delegates at CoDA WS.

11/11/2001, Board Motion 01282: To approve link to WSO website.

Vote: Majority

2/2/2000, Board Note 02068: WSO order form and literature for distribution.

Remarks: Curtis will ask WSO what literature is available.

5/11/2002, Board Motion 02144: ??

Remarks: At some point the Fellowship needs to establish who votes at CoDA-WS.

Sheila will ask SSC for input.

Vote: Tabled

5/11/2002, Board Note 02147: WSO {CoDAWS} lack of response to e-mail

Remarks: Outreach wants to answer all e-mail received, regardless of where it originated. Standing decision from previous year was that CoDA- WS wanted e-mail originating outside the 50 states to be forwarded to them, not answered by Outreach.

5/28/2002, Board Motion 02170: CoDA board will authorize reimbursement for up to two CoDA-WS delegates, to include round trip transportation, hotel, and food for the duration of the CoDA-WS conference (limited to two days), according to existing CoDA reimbursement guidelines.

Vote: Unanimous

9/26/2002, NSC Note 02017: Presented "CoDA World Service," Finance Report.

Ernie from CN, Roy L. from GA, Linda P. from GA, and Conrad W. from GA presented.

9/27/2002, NSC Motion 02021: Board asking for guidance on whether the Board can grant a transferable license to its audio and print, materials for the purpose of publishing, translating, and distributing CoDA materials to some other entity.

Vote: Defeated

9/27/2002, NSC Motion 02044: Move that the royalty from literature sales shipped to US addresses, for non-English language materials, be placed in a fund for the benefit of literature translation and/or print setup costs only. The Finance Committee would determine whether and to whom any proposed disbursement from this fund is appropriate. This policy shall be reviewed every two years at NSC.

Vote: Majority

9/28/2002, NSC Motion 02068: Motion to Ratify the election of the Ad Hoc Committee

Vote: 2/3 vote

9/28/2002, NSC Motion 02069: Amended to add $6000 for Ad Hoc Committee budget.

Vote: 2/3 vote

9/28/2002, NSC Motion 02072: A motion was made to translate the National CoDA Inc. website into Spanish.

Intent: Reach others who still suffer who use Spanish as their primary language.

Vote: 2/3 vote

4th QTR 2002, Board QSR Report: At the 2002 NSC, a non-binding vote directed the CoDA Board to grant a license to CoDependents Recovery Society (CDRS) of Canada to print and distribute CoDA, Inc literature. (Vote: 14 in favor, 12 opposed, 2 abstentions) The Board discussed this during its November teleconference. We are working on a document to enter into discussions with CDRS.

2/9/2003, Board Motion 03035: Approve planned trip by 3 trustees to Ft. Worth to look through archived records for material that may assist WS Ad Hoc Task Force and review CSO documents.

Vote: 2/3 vote

1st QTR 2003, Web Team QSR Report: The web team is also in the process of gathering the Spanish translated items that

CoDA has on hand and is working with a translation company to build a homepage in

Spanish for the website to link all these items from, once they have been updated to

current language and style of the English versions. We are also working on a Spanish

Glossary to aid Spanish speaking users of the website, the ability to interpret the

Meeting List Search engine. Plans are to also include the Starter Packet and Fellowship

Service Manual in Spanish in the future. The Spanish version of the website will also

link to CoDA-World Service website, to locate items for sale in


4/13/2003, Board Motion 03052: Ask CoDA copyright lawyer to send a letter the WS, asking them to disclose to CoDA, Inc., any licenses WS has awarded; to cease licensing other entities; and to notify WS that licenses they may have granted are null and void. Include a time frame for response.

Vote: Unanimous

2nd QTR 2003, Board QSR: The Board authorized two expenditures, up to a total of $2440 combined, in support of NSC 02077, "to translate national CoDA Inc. website into Spanish." The expenditures were requested by the web team for design work for a Spanish home page with direct links to CoDA documents, a link to a Meetings page, and translation of Starter Packet materials into Spanish.

2nd QTR 2003, Web Team QSR Report: The website team has been working with a contractor to complete the translation of several pages of the website into Spanish. We believe the Spanish Website will be available before the next reporting, so continue to check it out. The translating firm has been busy comparing the current translated documents and making improvements and updating them to reflect any changes that have been made since they were first created. The Spanish Home Page will offer a glossary to assist the Spanish speaking community in using the meeting list and also in using the calendar of events, which will not be translated at this time. It has been suggested that volunteers who are willing to translate by email or voice if someone is in need of finding a meeting and cannot interpret the English version. IF you are interested in providing this service please respond to: and let us know that you are willing. We will be setting up a page shortly.

3rd QTR 2003, Board QSR Report: The Board will be asking NSC to direct CoRe to include all NSC endorsed CoDA literature available through the CoRe order form, including translations thereof.

3rd QTR 2003, Literature Committee Report: The MD/DE state issue was "Determine if CoDA wants to fund translation of non-CoDA literature." After much discussion the NLC gave this response," "The National Literature Committee supports funding and distributing only CoDA Endorsed literature which has been brought through the NLC group conscience process and has been approved by the National Service Conference."

8/9/2003, Board Note 03115: David L. send WS Board an invitation to meet with CoDa Board at 4 PM, Wednesday during NSC

9/20/2003, NSC Motion 03042: Move to enter the ad hoc committee report as an accepted group conscience document of the ad hoc committee

Inent: To put the report in the CoDA archives

Vote: 2/3 Vote

9/20/2003, NSC Note 03043: The CoDA board supports WS in printing and distributing the already translated materials, marked as draft

9/20/2003, NSC Motion 03044: Invite CoDA WS board in conjunction w/Coda, Inc Board to work together to form a plan to consolidate the 2 entities under CoDA, Inc Bylaws with modifications to those bylaws as needed, to be brought to NSC for ratification next year.

Vote: Majority

9/20/2003, NSC Motion 03047: $10,000 to be allocated to the CoDA Board to support the consolidation effort and to use for translation of Coda Endorsed Literature from English to foreign languages

Vote: 2/3 vote

9/20/2003, NSC Motion 03049: Move that NSC direct CoRe to include all NSC CoDA endorsed Literature and service items on the CoRe order form, including translations thereof.

Vote: Unanimous

10/12/2003, board note 03125: Contact WS for ideas for starting athe current dialog between CoDA, Inc., and CoDA WS, Inc.

10/12/2003, Board note 03126: David will email WS questions

11/10/2003, Board note 03137: Sheila commented about past events: Sheila, Fred, Curtis, being at the 2000 WS conference and the WS board members were talking about publishing CodA, Inc. copyrighted material. Conrad says there are many license agreements, the later reneged on his statement. Only CoDA, Inc. is the copyright holder. Conrad has sent a reply. Nothing

The Board discussed translation of CoDA further has to be done at this time.

4th QTR 2003, Board QSR Report: At the October Board meeting, we discussed implementation of the NSC motion regarding the relationship between CoDA National and CoDA World Service. We decided that the Board would make this a major part of the face-to-face Board meeting scheduled for California, in January. Then, the WS Board will be invited to a face-to-face meeting to come up with a plan to aid codependents who still suffer throughout the world.

In other actions: The Board has voted to finish the translation of the Starter Packet on the website in Spanish. We are looking for volunteers to help develop a CoDA Web meeting or chat site. (See Help Wanted elsewhere in this issue)

materials from English into other languages. We want

to allocate $2500 annually for translation, on an ongoing basis. We seek input from the

Fellowship to prioritize translations.

We authorized expenditure for translation of service items into Spanish; they will be (or are)

posted on a CoDA Spanish website, thanks to the efforts of the web team. We are in the process

of having the rest of the Starter Packet translated, so that the entire CoDA Inc. Starter Packet will

be available on the website in Spanish.

The board asked the CoDA copyright lawyer to send a letter to WS, asking them to disclose to

CoDA, Inc., any licenses WS has awarded; to cease licensing other entities; and to notify WS that

licenses they may have granted are null and void. We took this action because the licensing

agreement with WS is "non-transferable." Copyright law does not protect copyrights for entities

that do not take steps to defend their own copyrights. Failure to be diligent in safeguarding

CoDA’s copyrights could result in the loss of CoDA’s ownership of those rights.

The Board’s legal liaison, Sheila, has sent many notices to websites asking that they post

appropriate copyright information with our Service Items.

The Board discussed and approved a proposal for entities to which CoDA Inc. may, in future,

grant a new printing and distribution license. The plan is that there will be a start up royalty

schedule of 20% for the first year; 30% for year 2 and parity with CoRe license thereafter.

4th QTR 2003, Web Team QSR Report: The web site is excited and proud to announce that progress has started on translating our web site to Spanish. You can go to and see translated pages of the web site. The Web Site Team is receiving Emails in Spanish.

1/2/2004, Board Motion 04007: CoDA board to invite the CoDA WS board to a meeting to work together to form a plan to consolidate the two entities under CoDA, Inc. bylaws as voted by NSC motion NSC03044.

Vote: Unanimous

1/2/2004, Board Motion 04008: Motion to table motions regarding the illegal WS licensing letter.

Vote: Unanimous

1st QTR 2004, Board QSR Report: The Board held the first of it’s Face to Face meetings at the beginning of January, in California and it was ably hosted by Evie. The major item of concern was the NSC 2003 motion instructing CoDA, Inc. Board and CoDA WS Board to meet and work out a plan to consolidate the two entities under CoDA, Inc. Bylaws. We decided to invite the World Service Board to a face to face meeting and offered them three possible dates.

CoDA WS indicated that Saturday, May 1st worked best for them so arrangements are being made to meet in Atlanta, GA. You can expect a report on this meeting in the next issue of the QSR.

1st QTR 2004, Web Team QSR Report: The web site is excited and proud to announce that we now have a Spanish version of many web site pages on line. You can go to and see translated pages of the web site. All of a sudden we are getting Emails in Spanish.

2nd QTR 2004, Board QSR Report: On May 1st, the Boards of CoDA, Inc., and CoDA WS met for the purpose of discussing how to implement 2003 National Service Conference Motion 03044. The motion concerned uniting the two bodies.

Attending the meeting were:

David L TX (facilitator of meeting)

Jay F CA

Evie S CA

Ramona P VA

Conrad W GA

Curtis F IL

Roy L GA

Judi T MA

Gerry Canada

Ernie F Canada

Linda P. GA

It was a successful and productive meeting that agreed:

We will cease referring to CoDA "national " (and call if CoDA or CoDA Inc.)

We will change name from National Service Conference to CoDA Service Conference. We will find a way to give voice and vote for non-US Delegates to be determined through group conscience process.

We will change names of Standing Committees to eliminate the word "national"

Allow non-US participation on CoDA Committees---this already exists.

We will clarify expectations and responsibilities between CoDA Inc and CoDA WS.

We will not now develop a contract between CoDA Inc and CoDA WS.

Interim plan to improve communication:

Ask WS member to join Board teleconference

Routine communication throughout the year

State/Regional Issues to be disseminated to both Boards, in both directions

Interim funding of WS will proceed as it does for standing committees. WS will follow the same process of submitting a budget, and goals, for approval by CoDA Service Conference. Expense reimbursement process to follow Committee process.

For CoDA, "there is but one ultimate authority; a loving Higher Power as expressed to our group conscience" of our CoDA Fellowship. This is the guiding principle by which we shall proceed.

(Tradition Two)

Representatives of the Literature Committee, SSC, Boards and other appropriate committees shall work together to create a process for translation, licensing, publication and distribution of literature/service items, using modern technology wherever possible.

Further along in the process, the revision of the Service Manual and other documents will be addressed.

3rd QTR 2004, Board QSR Report: Licensing/Copyright Issues:

CDRS and US have again reviewed the proposed contract, which will license

CDRS to publish CoDA literature in Canada in English. License, with few changes decided at this meeting, shall go back to lawyer for final version. To be signed at CSC 2004

DAA license is null and void, but we are exploring license for them to publish CoDA Literature in French.

Seek licensing information re: Australia, England, Germany

10/5/2004, Board Motion 04127: Motion to reimburse Judi's conference expenses 50% due to her position as WS Delegate and Task Force member.

Vote: 2/3 Vote

10/5/2004, Board Motion 04128: Motion to subsidize Roy and Gerald 50% of their conference expenses.

Vote: Unanimous

10/5/2004, Board Motion 04130: Motion to approve bringing the following motion to the conference: To establish a standing translation committee of up to seven people to develop and administer a written process for coordinating requests and resources, and for approving the final translation of, CoDA approved literature and foundational documents from English to other languages. Preference will be given to persons wishing to serve on the committee who are able to read and write a second language. A budget of $2,500 is approved by the board.

Vote: Unanimous

10/5/2004, Board Motion 04131: Motion to rescind the WS Contract for publication, translation, and distribution of CoDA literature outside the US with CoDA Inc and CODAWS effective 10/5/2004.

Vote: 2/3 vote

10/7/2004, NSC Motion 04018: Commensurate with the adoption of "CoDA, Inc." as the formal identification of CoDA at the highest level, it is proposed to eliminate reference to the word "National" in all such contexts, where applicable, and to make whatever subsequent changes as may then be required.

Intent: So that the language used in the CoDA By-Laws will reflect current changes being made by CoDA to become one fellowship serving all codependents who still suffer worldwide.

Vote: Unanimous

10/7/2004, NSC Motion 04020: To establish a standing committee (of up to 7 people) to develop and administer a written process for coordinating requests and resources; and establish Ad Hoc committees as necessary for final review of translation of CoDA approved literature and foundational documents from English to other languages.

Intent: To create the means to carry the message worldwide.

Vote: 2/3 vote

10/7/2004, NSC Note 04022: Discussion of CoDA and CoDAWS merger.

10/8/2004, NSC Note 04042: David L. from Texas and Roy L. from Georgia discussed unity of CoDA Inc. and the World Services Task Force.

They opened the floor to questions.

10/8/2004, NSC Motion 04043: Move that the conference approve the report as presented by the Task Force.

Intent: Conference approval of merger of CoDA, Inc. and CoDA World Services functions to go forward.

Vote: Unanimous

10/8/2004, NSC Motion 04044: Move that all royalties and 7th Tradition funds, henceforth, go to CoDA, Inc.

Intent: CoDA, Inc. is now the world-wide service organization of Co-Dependents Anonymous.

Vote: Unanimous

4th QTR 2004, Board QSR Report: As part of the restructuring of CoDA Inc., two former members of CODA World Service (WS) Board were elected to the Board of CoDA, Inc. Ernie F. and Roy L. bring the CoDA, Inc. Board membership to seven. All of the previous officers were re-elected: David L. as Chair; Ramona P. as Vice Chair; Evie S. as Treasurer and Doug P. as Secretary.

4th QTR 2004, Web Team QSR Report: The web site will be changing and evolving dramatically over the next year as changes are made to expand the scope to International service. We recently moved the CoDA WS meeting lists from to

1st QTR 2005, Board QSR Report: World Service: Gerry from CDRS reported that their projects show that under proposed contract to publish literature in English in Canada, CDRS could not break even. After considering this information, the Board proposed that CoDA, Inc. would loan CDRS $6,000 USD. The loan would be repaid with the first $6,000 in royalties. CDRS believes this will work, although they are not enthusiastic about 40% royalty that is same as CoRe pays CoDA, Inc.

The Board hopes this will serve as a model for other areas seeking permission to publish CoDA literature.

At the Board’s face-to-face meeting, there was a discussion of how we could encourage attendance from outside of North America, at the CoDA World Conference, in August.

The Board voted to reimburse the first four separate non-North American persons registering to attend the CWC up to $500. The Conference Committee will be asked to promote this in its publicity for the Service Conference.

To support and strengthen the growth of the Fellowship worldwide, the Board voted to establish a Revolving Literature Fund of $1,000. Board sees this as "active outreach" to new groups throughout the world. A group can request $250 non-interest loan for literature and CoDA, Inc. will pay for it. The group borrowing the money will repay CoDA, Inc. when the literature is sold. Should a group renege on loan, the Revolving Literature Fund would have that much less for future requests.

Legal: German CoDA book: Doug P. has communicated with German CoDA regarding their translation of the CoDA Book into German. He is following up with a request for the contract they claim to have to publish the book.

1st QTR 2005, Outreach QSR Report: Good news for Outreach this last quarter is the creation of the Spanish Outreach subcommittee in October. We now have 5 bilingual volunteers and 2 English-only service workers. The efforts made by this group have been phenomenal in reaching out to the codependent who still suffers throughout the Español-speaking world. It has been a joy and a privilege to be part of such growth.

1st QTR 2005, Web Team QSR Report: The International meeting lists previously on the CoDA World Service web site were transferred to the CoDA web site during the past quarter. There remains much to be done to improve the presentation and accuracy of the information.

4/10/2005, Board Note 05085: Action item to ask CODAWS for a financial accounting of monies and any money due back to CoDA Inc, to return any outstanding amounts due to us and to provide a date when we can expect to have it back.

6/25/2005, Board Motion 05110: Motion that the board present to the 2005 service conference a motion to develop a task force involving CoRe, board, literature, finance, and translation representatives, to make a proposal addressing how to handle world wide literature, publication, translation, distribution, and royalty management and to make a recommendation at the next service conference with a budget of $5,000.

Vote: Unanimous

2nd QTR 2005, Board QSR Report: The Board continues to work on a policy to implement the plan to loan new groups up to $250 for CoDA literature. This is part of revolving fund of $1,000 that will be replenished as groups repay the loaned funds. The Board means for this fund to be a hand up and not in conflict with tradition that each group should be "fully self supporting". A related issue growing out of merger is how to make literature more accessible to groups around the world. Several have asked us if they could copy literature because of tax and shipping issues. We feel this is not appropriate, but hope the Technology Task Force will come up with electronic way that helps solve the dilemma. Progress has been made with a license agreement with CDRS (Canada) to publish CoDA, Inc. literature, and we are working on an agreement with Germany that has a translation of the CoDA Book. WS had granted Germany a license to print the translation and CoDA, Inc. Board of Trustees has rescinded the previous license.

Another issue of concern growing out of the merger is what happened to 7th Tradition and royalty monies paid to World Service. We have not been able to get an accounting of those funds. We have had communication with several world groups regarding 7th Tradition funds. Many areas are contributing.

2nd QTR 2005, TMC QSR Report: We have discovered that the items translated into Spanish have errors in grammar and include some "Spanglish" words. We are sure that the Literature Committee and the rest of CoDA would like to have the grammar and wording of our Literature preserved as it was written in English using proper grammar and words. We are working with a group of volunteers that will attempt go thru the eight Spanish items and fix the grammar and "Spanglish" words. There will be more information regarding our recommendations on a process/policy for translating Literature in the Delegate Packets that will be mailed towards the end of June.

This is turning into a big "learn as we go task." We have gotten estimates for commercial translation of CoDA literature and plan to discuss that at Conference to determine if CoDA should spend the money to have it done quickly and correctly, or continue to rely on volunteers.

2nd QTR 2005, Web Team QSR Report: CoDA Meetings Around the World: The international meeting lists previously on the CoDA World Service web site were transferred to the CoDA web site. Work continues to improve the presentation and accuracy of the meeting information.

2nd QTR 2005, Fellowship Services QSR Report: Yes, CoDA, Inc. has a World Fellowship Services person. When the Conference voted to merge CoDA, Inc. and WSCoDA, Inc., all thought the process would be quick and the time between last Conference and this one would be spent leisurely editing our bylaws and writing policy statements. The first thing we discovered is that there is enough difference between the US database and the World database that we could not simply merge the two databases. We didn’t want to waste time and effort on writing code for the website while it is being redesigned for a World focus to provide two search engines. So, we copied the pages with meeting information from the World site to the CoDA site. These pages are labor intensive to update and thus do not get attention as often as we would like. The pages do allow one to see all of the meetings in a particular Country at one time and the index of Countries is available by clicking a link right on the page where people are used to searching for meetings inside the US. Some countries have started keeping their own list like Canada, United Kingdom and Australia.

8/16/2005, Board Motion 05134: Motion to contact copyright lawyer and request an opinion on how to address World Service CoDA Inc., to protect ourselves should there be any continuing royalties or 7th tradition donation still being submitted to World Service and what can be done about it.

Vote: not recorded

8/17/2005, CSC Note 05008: Mailing not working, too costly. Working on Spanish speaking subcommittee to communicate with people via phone and/or internet.

8/17/2005, CSC Note 05009: Works to develop policy and oversee quality of translation of literature. Looking for cost effective translation methods.

8/18/2005, CSC Motion 05046: We move that the Service Conference convene a taskforce including representatives from CoRe, Board of Trustees, CDRS, Literature, Finance and Translation Management Committees, and that it be called the World Literature Process Taskforce; and that the taskforce be given a budget of $5,000.

Intent: The purpose of the taskforce would be to make a proposal on how to handle world wide literature publication, translation, distribution and royalty management.

Vote: Unanimous

8/18/2005, CSC Motion 05057: Committee Members: Lena S. NY, Curtis F. IL, Richard, Quebec CAN

Very young committee. Important part of fulfilling twelfth step to help spread the message of CoDA in other languages. Spanish is in great demand and will be starting point. Some translation has been done by an independent firm and some volunteers.

Committee feels that the quickest way to translate documents is utilizing professional help. Three estimates have been obtained, two professional estimates one at cost which is 6 1/2 cents per word.

Committee is requesting a budget of $25,000 to complete translation to Spanish and pre press set up of literature from English to Spanish.

8/18/2005, CSC Motion 05058: Request approval of up to $25,000 for the translation and pre-press set up of the CoDA literature items into Spanish.

Intent: To provide Spanish speaking members with CoDA approved literature.

Vote: Unanimous

8/19/2005, CSC Motion 05077: Move that the CoDA Fellowship grant $25,000 to CoDA Resource Publishing for the initial establishment of the CoDA Spanish Literature inventory.

Intent: Publish Spanish literature.

Vote: Unanimous

3rd QTR 2005, Board QSR Report: …trying to make CoDA an international organization… Invite all nations to come join us …

3rd QTR 2005, TMC QSR Report: …presented motion for commercial translation of CoDA literature into Spanish for approximately $25,000. …ready by next conference …

4th QTR 2005, Board QSR Report: The Board has requested a written contract with cost and time expectations for the $26,000 voted at the CoDA Service Conference for the purpose of translating CoDA literature into Spanish. We are working with Curtis F. to accomplish this.

4th QTR 2005, TMC QSR Report: A French translator from Quebec has been found, and negotiation on terms is ongoing for approval at the next CSC.

4th QTR 2005, Outreach QSR Report: A big achievement for the Spanish Outreach Committee this Quarter, has been receiving Spanish email, directly to our address. This simplified our process of answering emails, for where before, all mail went to Outreach and they in turn would forwarded to us, and this process caused delays processing and answering our mail. Committee Member, Maggie has done an outstanding effort helping with the wording of the Spanish Website.

1/6/2006, Board Motion 06027: to approve contract Optimal Communicators for translation of literature into Spanish.

Vote: Unanimous

1/6/2006, Board Note 06028: Ramona to sign contract and letter stating that company is to notify us before proceeding beyond 250,000 words

1/6/2006, Board Note 06029: Roy to send yet another reminder to (Translation Management) committee regarding their job description.

1/6/2006, Board Motion 06030: Board recommend to CSC that 1% of CoDA CoRe royalties be set aside for translation of CoDA literature into foreign languages, annually.

Vote: Unanimous

1/7/2006, Board Motion 06038: That in all future requests to translate into languages other than English, the Starter Packet and Newcomers Handbook be translated first and sent to TMC for approval.

Vote: Unanimous

1/7/2006, Board Note 06039: Roy will communicate to TMC about developing policies and procedures.

1/17/2006, Finance Data: CK#2706 for $8,000 was issued for translation of Spanish Items.

2/12/2006, Board Note 06058: Roy to send email to (Translation Management) committee requesting they respond to countries sent in to date.

1st QTR 2006, Board QSR Report: The Translation Committee has received several requests to translate the CoDA Literature into other languages. Some countries have old licensees to publish CoDA material that are not valid and must be renewed and modified to conform to CoDA, Inc., guidelines and standards. Iceland, Netherlands, South Africa and Germany are communicating with the committee and United Kingdom has expressed a desire to publish CoDA Literature in England. The translation of CoDA Literature into Spanish is an ongoing process. I believe we will have some documents ready for the 2006 Conference.

1st QTR 2006, TMC QSR Report: The review of the German language CoDA Book was completed. There were just a couple minor issues that are not significant in understanding the CoDA program. The Translation of CoDA Literature to Spanish has begun. Regrettably, it has taken us longer than anticipated to complete a contract, make a down payment and establish contact with a translator. We have received requests for permission to translate literature into Dutch and Icelandic languages. We have begun working on Policy guidelines, Procedural Guidelines, and Priorities for the Translation process. We will have them prepared for approval at Conference. If you have any concerns or suggestion please email to

4/9/2006, Board Note 06083: (Roy) Do the two things you said you would.

2nd Qtr 2006, Board QSR Report: The Board is interfacing with the Translation Committee as they establish guidelines for countries that want to translate CoDA material into other languages. The Board is in the process of creating a template for a license agreement to be used when CoDA organizations in other countries want to print and sell CoDA Literature. This has been difficult because the wording of the contracts, when translated into other languages, may be very different from the original license. Doug, the lead on this project, has been extremely vigilant in previewing the German contract. It has taken lots of time and energy to make sure all "I’s are dotted properly and all T’s are crossed" correctly. This will become more and more important as we progress into a true CoDA World organization.

2nd QTR 2006, TMC QSR Report: HELP!!! We need people who can read Spanish and English to compare the translated material to the original English Version. Translation of CoDA literature into Spanish is proceeding slowly. About half of the literature is translated. We are now working with a company to do the Pre-Press setup of the Spanish documents.

We have a draft version of Policy guidelines, Procedural Guidelines, and Priorities for the translation process. It is only rough and we will be doing more polishing on it. We will have them prepared for approval at the Service Conference in September. If you have any concerns or suggestions, NOW is the time to let us know by emailing

2nd QTR 2006, CoRe QSR Report: …We are preparing for the publication and distribution of Spanish literature. …

9/14/2006, CSC Motion 06040:

Legalese: Permission of the copyright owner, Co-Dependents Anonymous, Inc., is required prior to undertaking the translation of any CoDA copyrighted materials. A Translation of copyrighted text constitutes a "derivative work" and ownership remains with the original copyright holder.

{Showed Guidelines}

Moved to accept the report and amended $20,040 budget.

Vote: 2/3 vote

9/15/2006, CSC Note 06049: Announcing members of WLPTF, CoRe-Anita, Finance-Judy, Translation Mgmnt-Curtis, Literature- Laurel

3rd QTR 2006, Board QSR Report: This Board has helped CoDA Inc. move from a National fellowship to a true World organization. At the end of March 2006 the Fellowship had 385 meetings in 51 other countries.

We have been working on a template for a license to use when we receive new requests from other countries to print CoDA literature. Doug P. will explain the process and talk about some other countries that have approached us about printing our literature.

We finalized the license with CDRS (CoDA of Canada) and sent them a check for $3000.00, half of the $6000.00, we voted to give them for start up costs to publish, print and distribute CoDA Literature in English in Canada. We are in the process of replacing a license Germany was given several years ago with a new license reflecting the current CoDA organization.

We signed the contract with Optimal Translation & Transportation to translate CoDA Literature into Spanish.

We have seen the creation of a Translation Management Committee to establish guidelines for countries that want to translate CoDA material into other languages and to manage this process. We also created a World Literature Process Task force for the purpose of creating a procedure to distribute CoDA Literature world wide.

3rd QTR 2006, CoRe QSR Report: Also coming is professionally published Spanish literature. We are currently waiting for the working file for the Newcomers Handbook and then CoRe will begin our publishing process. We expect it to be available shortly after the first of the year. Again, notices will be put on the website when it’s available to order.

3rd QTR 2006, TMC QSR Report: Based on the report given at Conference. TMC received a copy of the professionally translated Spanish Newcomers Handbook and it was reviewed by two Spanish speaking CoDA members. No problems were found with the translation. They did report that there are some more precise words used than are encountered in "Spanglish". The following items have been translated into Spanish at a cost of $16,250:

Co-Dependents Anonymous (CoDA Book)

The Twelve Steps & Twelve Traditions Workbook

Newcomers Handbook

Twelve Steps Handbook

Experiences with Crosstalk Handbook

Making Choices Booklet

Common Thread of Codependency Booklet

Carrying the Message Booklet

Sponsorship Booklet

Being of Service in CoDA Booklet

What is CoDA? Brochure

Am I Codependent? Brochure

Welcome to Co-dependents Anonymous Brochure

Establishing Boundaries in Recovery Brochure

Using the Twelve Traditions Brochure

Why is CoDA Conference endorsed Literature Vital? Brochure

Sponsorship in CoDA Brochure

The following items were not included in the initial materials sent for the purpose of obtaining the estimate and are not yet translated. Some have been sent to the translator. The translator will start after they are paid the balance owed for the items already translated. These items will require negotiation of a new contract. Since Conferece the TMC has decided to evaluate proceeding with plans to translate the current versions of the By Laws, Fellowship Service Manual, and Meeting Starter packet or waiting for next years versions that are anticipated because of identified areas that may need revision.

CoDA By Laws

CoDA Fellowship Service Manual

CoDA Meeting Starter Packet

CoDA Teen Starter Packet

In This Moment book

Starting a New CoDA Meeting Pamphlet

Tools for Recovery

The point was made on the Conference floor about considering the economic wisdom of translating items to another language if CoDA can not expect to recover the costs of translation and publication in a reasonable amount of time. This concept will be incorporated into the decision making process.

Our budget was approved for $20,040.00 to proceed with the translation of the additional materials. TMC POLICIES

3rd QTR 2006, Literature QSR Report: The Affirmations Booklet, revised edition.

10/17/2006, Finance data: CK#2830 for $8,250 was issued for Spanish Translations.

12/3/2006, Board Note 06204: Ask TMC timeline of responding to some of the requests for translation.

2/4/2007, Board Note 07035: Get copy of CD of Spanish translation to attorney and to CoRE.

2/4/2007, Board Note 07036: Get info on when set up and first printing will begin.

3/4/2007, Board Note 07056: Tom TMC needs to extend to Norway a contract to protect the copy write, and finish the policy about starting the negotiations to prepare countries to sign contract.

3/4/2007, Board

4/1/2007, Board Note 07069: Get TMC on agenda at F2F.

6/3/2007, Board Motion 07087: To change TM’s charter to now include administration of the policies, procedures and priorities going forth for any requests for translations.

Vote: Unanimous

6/3/2007, Board Note 07100: Track down additional copy of Spanish CD to store on website.

2nd QTR 2007, Board QSR Report: Translation and printing of literature remains a problem; it is very expensive to print small quantities and most other countries cannot support the effort. The board would like to get more expertise in this area, so if any are fluent in publishing and printing, please lend a hand. I keep thinking that it ought to be easier than it appears to be, as we already have the setup done and on CD. Seems like the hard work is done and it only needs to be printed and shipped. Shows what I know. Another sticking point is the amount of royalty. It is currently at 40% and we will discuss this at the face to face meeting.

3rd QTR 2007, TMC QSR Report: The Translation Management Committee is excited! We have been in contact with people interested in translating CoDA materials into several languages, including Portuguese, Chinese, Norwegian, Dutch, Italian, French and Turkish. We think we're making real progress in our efforts to reach thousands--maybe millions-- of codependents in their own languages.

At the 2006 Service Conference, the Fellowship approved guidelines for translation procedures. Since then, we have corresponded with CoDA members in the Netherlands, Italy, Norway and Quebec, as well as a Chinese-speaking member in New York.

If you have an interest in seeing CoDA texts translated into other languages and protecting our CoDA copyrights, please considers joining TMC. This is important 12th Step work and we are looking for additional trusted servants to join us. Experience with translating and/or copyright law is desirable but not required.

3rd QTR 2007, CoRe QSR Reort: Spanish literature is getting closer. In March, we received the CD with all the translated material, so we are moving forward. We now have a Spanish proof reader, to help with that work. Watch the QSR and the CoDA website for announcements. Please be patient with us, we are working hard to get this to the fellowship as soon as possible.

3rd QTR 2007, Board QSR Report: TMC was represented at our face to face meeting last June in Phoenix. We discussed some of the problems around literature translation requests, which are closely tied to publishing, which immediately gets us back to how can small amounts of literature be published in any language at a reasonable cost. One of the things the Board decided it can do is to offer a sliding scale for the royalties we need. This could start as low as 5%. How this will be managed and monitored is still in progress.

In a closely related subject, there is still little information on how printing of documentation can be done on a limited basis (small amounts) for a reasonable cost to the fellowship. Trying to solve this problem is not easy. No one seems to have any ideas on how this can be done. Help is needed in this area. The Board requests that the fellowship explore all avenues they can find to get answers.

3rd QSR 2007, TMC QSR Report: The Translation Management Committee is excited to report that we are in the process of negotiating to have the Starter Packet translated into Mandarin Chinese. We have been in contact with CoDA members from many countries, including Turkey, French speaking Canada, the Netherlands and Norway. We will be attending the Service Conference in September, where we hope to gain additional members.

Please consider joining the Translation Management Committee! You don't need to be bilingual, although language skills are welcome.

8/5/2007, Board Note 07119: Look at requirements of the contract for the Spanish literature corrections with Judy.

8/5/2007, Board Note 07120: To get with Judy and take a look at the requirement of this contact and prepare to send back for corrections.

9/27/2007, CSC Motion 07013: Accept the Report/ budget.

Vote: 2/3 vote

3rd QSR 2007, Literature QSR Report: The Translation Management Committee is excited to report that we are in the process of negotiating to have the Starter Packet translated into Mandarin Chinese. We have been in contact with CoDA members from many countries, including Turkey, French speaking Canada, the Netherlands and Norway. We will be attending the Service Conference in September, where we hope to gain additional members.

Please consider joining the Translation Management Committee! You don't need to be bilingual, although language skills are welcome.

3rd QSR 2007, CoRe QSR Report: Conference is right around the corner, and we look forward to seeing old friends and meeting new ones. We will be bringing a few pieces of literature to sell at conference, so plan accordingly. We will have Peeling The Onion, In This Moment Meditation Book, Newcomers handbook in English and Spanish, CoDA books, CoDA bookmarks, and Welcome Home Chips (in rolls only) – in limited, first come, first serve, quantities. We are also looking for people interested in joining us in service at CoRe; please let us know if you would like more information.

?, Board Note 07130: Make a plan to conference with TMC and also let CoRe know that we would want them to responsible to check type set on all prepared translations.

?, Board Note 07134: Re-write TMC charge to include developing a process form translation, validation and contractual agreement for publishing and distributing.

4th QTR 2007, WPTF QSR Report: The task force was getting frustrated with the lack of input from the people we were trying to help. We believe CoDA literature is the best way available to carry the message to other codependents who still suffer.

The Board continually asked for progress reports and we had nothing to give them.

We researched the cost of shipping to Canada; I am still not sure how much they have to pay for our literature. In some Canadian providences, anyone ordering CoDA literature must pay 14% plus $5.00 per order, plus additional charges, depending on the total cost of the order. For example, on an order of $40.01 - $100.00, there is an additional charge of $19.45. It is very costly to get our literature shipped out of the USA.

We reviewed the cost of Print on Demand. Those figures are not part of this report, but it is an expensive method of obtaining our literature, plus CoRe would have to provide an electronic, printable copy of the requested item.

This task force would like to go on record as supporting the Board’s suggestions of offering a sliding scale for royalties starting as low as 5% for printing and sales outside of the USA. The delegates from Germany asked for a meeting with the task force during committee time on Wednesday; they had some ideas to share. A lot of what we talked about will be reported by the Translation Management Committee.

CoDA in Germany was created as a non-profit organization, and there are very strict rules regarding non-profits in Germany. If they pay CoDA, Inc. royalties, it would appear they are making a profit. They prefer to give CoDA a check as a donation to Seventh Tradition funds. For those of you that do not know, the German delegates made a donation of $800 to CoDA, Inc. last year and have another check to donate this year. The members of the task force feel this more than meets the requirement of CoDA royalties. After speaking with the German delegates, it seems the best approach in assisting other countries with purchasing literature is to listen to each country’s unique situations and needs; it’s better than having the USA impose any guidelines. There are too many differences to endorse "rubber stamping" any kind of process. It was a very informative meeting. I have a better understanding of their needs and hope we can all work together to "share the message." It appears to this task force that there is no way to create a process to assist all countries. We appreciate your confidence in us. If the Board decides to create another task force, we will share any notes and information we have with them.

4th QSR 2007, Literature QSR Report: The Translation Management Committee is excited to report that we are in the process of negotiating to have the Starter Packet translated into Mandarin Chinese. We have been in contact with CoDA members from many countries, including Turkey, French speaking Canada, the Netherlands and Norway. We will be attending the Service Conference in September, where we hope to gain additional members.

Please consider joining the Translation Management Committee! You don't need to be bilingual, although language skills are welcome.

1st QTR 2008, Board QSR Report:

Members of the CoDA Board, CoRE Board, and the Translation Management Committee are setting the foundation on how CoDA literature will be translated into other languages. We see light at the end of the tunnel. We are still struggling with the issue of affordable overseas publishing and/or distribution. We ask for help from our fellowship. If you would like to participate in this effort, please send an email to

1st QTR 2008, CoRe QSR Report: CoRe is looking for some volunteers to help us out on some projects. First, we want to have an on-line store, and need someone to set that up for us in conjunction with the CoDA web coordinator. Secondly, we are in need of an experienced Spanish editor – with knowledge of Spanish language, the CoDA program, and punctuation, spelling, and grammar. And lastly we are looking for someone who can add tracks to a CD. Please send an e-mail to if you are able to volunteer.

2nd QTR 2008, Board QSR Report:

Progress with the copyrights has run into a couple of snags, but is moving along. The disk with the files was delayed and there was some problem with the submission site. These have been cleared and we are expecting to have new copyrights at the Conference.

2nd QTR 2008, TMC QSR Report: In follow-up from the last Service Conference, the Translation Management Committee reached an agreement with Quebec/DAA to translate some CoDA literature into French. We forwarded this document to the CoDA Board for their consideration and approval or amendments.

3rd QTR 2008, CoRe QSR Report: Spanish Literature - Boundaries pamphlet is on the order form now, and we are excited to see it. We now have several items in Spanish – the Newcomers handbook, Welcome to CoDA, and Boundaries. The Starter Packet in Spanish is on the website for free downloading.

3rd QTR 2008, TMC QSR Report: TMC was pleased to accept the German translation of Peeling the Onion. Members in Japan are translating the Meeting Starter Packet into Japanese. We seek new members for TMC. Please consider service! Contact us at

9/10/2008, CSC Note 08044: reported on actives or lack of activities

Showed guidelines for translation

Showed priorities for translation

presented budget

1st QTR 2009, Board QSR Report: We passed a motion to keep the original stories from the CoDA blue book as part of any translation of the blue book into other languages. There was discussion regarding "how to get CoDA material into public libraries". We'll continue this discussion in April.

1st QTR 2009, TMC QSR Report: Translation Management Committee has been busy. As we stated in our goals at Conference, we have contacted all persons that had contacted us concerning translation and/or publication and distribution. Some of the people have moved on and are no longer interested in translation. Others are still interested and we are getting agreements signed. However, this exercise proves one thing, that translation of CoDA items is a slow business. Although we have a simple agreement, it takes over a month to get it to the person or persons and for the CoDA Board to sign it. Then waiting upon the documents to "approve as translated" may take up to a year after that.

We have one member who is working with the Spanish community to acquire help with proof reading the Spanish documents that we had professionally translated so that CoRe can publish them. CoRe had proposed three documents to publish this year, but at this time, it seems unlikely that TMC will be complete with the proofing of all three documents by Conference.

TMC is also working on a standard Publication and Distribution (P&D) Agreement. Currently we have an agreement with Germany which was used as a basis for this with some changes. We are currently in the process of signing the P&D agreement with DAA, the French version of CoDA in Canada. We expect the standard P&D agreement to be approved by our committee and the CoDA board soon. At that time, we will use it for our agreement with CDRS, English CoDA in Canada, for some of our pamphlets. The Communication Task Force is researching some other methods of distributing more costly items via the internet or some type of online printing.

TMC started discussion on the Texas issue (TX-08-02) concerning the printing of the CoDA book in other languages. The Texas Voting Entity (VE) recommends that only the first part of the book be printed in other languages and that the stories not be translated. For this discussion, we included Outreach, Spanish Outreach, CoRe and CoDA boards. There were lots of comments on both sides of the issue. CoDA and CoRe boards are meeting in January. TMC has deferred voting until they discuss the business aspects of this VE issue and give us a report back.

Leo C. has resigned as our chair. At this time, we are looking for a chair. Roy L. has been acting as interim. Anyone interested, please send an email to