CoDA Service Conference _2009_____

Committee Report

Committee: ____Web Coordinator_________ Date:_____________

Members (list each by first name, last initial and VE): Roy L (GA)

Discussion Items:

1. Meeting Status 2009. Meeting update policy caused stir last year, but only gotten like 4 requests to reactivate meetings labeled INACTIVE?

2. Meeting Analysis & comparison of meetings from year-to-year

3. Web Coordinator Reports (

Actions: Start of year: 1361 Now: 1625 diff: 244 backlog: 60

Backups: Changed to monthly 2 -CDs

SPAM: average of 120 out of 560 (440 good one) emails getting thru (27%) per week. 3200 per week getting caught

FS update over 630 meetings this year and handled over 120 letters

4. Looking at doc, xls & PDF files. Different problems coming up with PDF 9 and IE 8.

5. I need your help with several items:

VEI Status: IMC issue, but I help put on Web. Need blanks filled out (Public).

H&I books for inmates program.

VE Contact Sheet: Never had it, Board requested it setup (Public).

Committee List: Needs the names w/emails of each member (Private).

6. Web Menu Guidelines: Will be creating a separate menu for Delegate package.

7. Web menu Help

8. Quick Sitemap

9. Main Sitemap. Everybody wants everything on the first page. This is a page of just the links to each page that is more than a page.

10. Let’s take a tour!!!!

Meeting Analysis

Web Coordinator Report #1

1. With a concern about meeting with no contact information, Web Coordinator, took a look at the database on 4 May 09 and found the following:

2. There were 1219 meetings that were either listed as active or possibly INACTIVE?

3. Info below indicates either a phone number or email address.

Item Number out of 1219 Per cent
Meetings with two contacts with either public or private info 445 36.5%
Meetings with at least one contact with either public or private info. 1175 96.4%
Meetings with at least one contact with phone # 1153 94.6%

Web Menu Guidelines

Web Menu Guidelines

1. Use left side menu running vertical of the page.

2. Layout of Menus

a. The first main heading will be CoDA Home

b. This will come up already expanded the first time

c. The menu will remember you on your computer and open back up when you reopen the site as you left it.

d. The main menu will have selections for newcomer, member and twelfth stepper

3. A menu is always available except.

a. Files that are PDF, Doc or XLS will be opened in a new window or downloaded depending upon your browser settings.

b. Certain htm files like the Co-NNections articles will open in a new window (this allows printing without selecting the text to avoid the header and footer and menu bar.

c. Submenus will open its documents in a new window.

4. Use separate menus for different parts of the site

a. Menu3: Main website

b. Menu4: Committee Work Area (CWA) area of website (old TSG area)

c. Menu5: Status of CoDA Actions (old reports area)

d. Menu6: Co-NNections section (committee opted to leave theirs the same)

e. Menu7: Tools of Recovery

f. Menu8: Trustee Page in CWA area

g. Menu9: Meeting Info & Forms

h. Menu10: News & Events

i. Menu11: Service

j. Menu12: CoRe

k. Menu13: inc

l. Menu14: Meeting locator (due to programming limitations, a menu was not added, headers & footers were lessened to address comments about data not showing.)

m. Menu15: Translation Management Committee (so large, needed separate menu)

n. Spanish Page will remain the same at this time (it is already a left side menu)

Meeting Comparisons

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