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Monthly Public CoDA Board Meeting

Saturday, January 18, 2020, Noon - 2PM public meeting in Las Vegas, a free CoDA event

Otherwise, the Board's public meetings occur on the first Saturday each month at 8AM Pacific Daylight Time (California time):

Join Meeting online: https://zoom.us/meeting/989911341/or Join Meeting via phone in two ways:

Meeting ID: 989 911 341
Find your local number: https://zoom.us/u/aSPS0fCx

Please write the board (board@coda.org) if you plan to attend, so the Trustees are aware of how many people will be on this business call.
Please note: Observers are welcome to observe but are not to have voice in the meetings (i.e., speak, introduce themselves, ask questions) unless invited to do so.
Visitors' microphones will be silenced. Those wishing to ask a question are encouraged to do so before the meeting begins, not during the business meeting. There will be a 5 minute period at the close of the meeting during which observers may use the raise your hand feature to indicate that they have a comment or question. People will be called on by the Chair, as time permits.
Thank you for your understanding.
In accordance with Section 2.10.1 of the Board of Trustees Policy & Procedures Manual:-
Any CoDA member is permitted to join the Board con call unless we are meeting in executive session to discuss personnel or legal issues. Any interested member must follow the instructions listed below:

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