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CoDA Area Contacts - Global

This area is for volunteers in 12th step service for CoDA to find contacts within the world-wide CoDA community.
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CoDA Australia - Central Service Office

CoDA National Service Office

41/1 Regent Place


Phone: +61 417995111


Email address: ozcoda@yahoo.com.au

CoDA (Canada)


Outreach: outreach@codacanada.ca

CoDA Canada: steeringcommittee@codacanada.ca

Phone 1(604)-239-1042

Louise H. 1 (514) 733-0346

Email: grobanadian@hotmail.com

Cecilia Figueroa (56) 2 2475 5029

Email: codachilesantiago@gmail.com

Huang (Speaks Chinese & English)

Email: x-y.h@tom.com


Ruud  (Sittard-Geleen) 06-45079460

Email: ruud50st@hotmail.com

Denise  63 9285040226

Email: hashtagdeetalks@gmail.com.

MITYNG W WARSZAWIE NIedziela godz. 17.00 ul.Ostrobramska 72 (sala w podziemiu po lewej stronie ko cio a obok kancelarii) Mityng otwarty w pierwsz niedziel miesi ca. ( Mityngi czasowo zawieszone do 3 wrze nia 2009 )

Phone: 517 - 525 - 274 

 Email: kontakt@wspoluzaleznieni.eu


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