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Co-Dependent Anonymous, Inc. (CoDA)
Committees and Other Important Contact Information
A short list of committee's and their activities is provided below.  
For a more detail description of various committees, view our Fellowship Services Manual (FSM).
CoDA Email Team info @ coda.org - Answers CoDA Questions submitted by email. (outreach @ coda.org points to info)
Communications Committee comm @ coda.org - Working communications issues within CoDA at all levels
Co-NNections Committee connections @ coda.org - Accepts Articles from people wishing to share their experience and hope.
CoRe info @ corepublications.org - Administers Literature publication and distribution
Events Committee events @ coda.org - Plans CoDA's Service Conference (CSC) and International Convention
Finance Committee finance @ coda.org - Establishes Fiscal Policy
H & I Committee hosp @ coda.org - Carries CoDA's message to Hospitals & Institutions
IMC Committee imc @ coda.org - Mediates disputes in CoDA. Monitors Voting Entity Issues (VEI’s).
Legal legal @ coda.org - Handles Legal Issues for board and committees.
CoDA Literature Committee (CLC) literature @ coda.org - Develops Literature
Meeting Updates meeting @ coda.org - Update Meetings
Outreach Committee outreach @ coda.org.  Works to carry the message to codependents who still suffer
Quarterly Service Report (QSR) qsr @ coda.org - Sends Out Quarterly Service Report.
If you are a member of a committee and need to send in your QSR, send it to qsr @ coda.org with a copy to your board liaison & QSR Liaison.

If you are a member of the fellowship and are interested in receiving a copy of the QSR, go to www.codependents.org to sign up.
Spanish Outreach Committee (SPO) espanol @ coda.org - Answers Spanish Questions via email
Service Structure Committee (SSC) ssc @ coda.org - Support and maintain CoDA's foundational documents
Translation Management Committee (TMC) tmc @ coda.org - Works with organizations translating CoDA literature into other languages. 
Webmaster webmaster @ coda.org - Supports Website.
CoDA Board of Trustees board @ coda.org - Handles Business of CoDA

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