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Meeting Search Tips

We hope that you will find the answers to your questions in the list below. If you do not, please e-mail your question to info@coda.org.
Basic Meeting Search
The CoDA Meeting Search allows you to search for any type of meeting and any location. If you enter a word that is not in the database, you will get no results. Enter as much information as needed to define your search. However, if you enter too much information the search engine may not find any meetings. For example, if you enter your full zip code and there are no meetings in your zip code, you will not see other meetings near you. If you are near a state border, check that state also.
Proximity Search (U.S. only)
To perform a proximity search, enter in the zip code and the number of miles you wish to travel to a meeting. The list will appear below the map.
World Search
For World searches, you will need to search for the country in the Country field.  You may also enter other data to narrow your search. If you enter too much information the search engine may not find any meetings.
Country Links
Some countries maintain their own meetings lists.  If you are interested in a country that is not in the drop down list of countries, please visit our CoDA Area Contacts section of the website and click on “Outside the U.S.” Here you will find the list of countries with links to their websites.
Alternative Format Meetings
Alternative Format Meetings include email, online chat, video chat, online voice chat, and telephone meetings. See the Basic Meeting Search information above for more information about how to search for any type of meeting using the CoDA Meeting Search.
Other resources to assist you in locating a CoDA meeting are located in CoDA Area Contacts.

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