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What does ‘Thirty Seconds’ mean?

"Occasionally, a member(s) may engage in unsafe behavior by not respecting the boundaries of others, or someone may perceive that to happen. In such a situation, any member may call for a "time out" or "thirty seconds." During a time out or thirty seconds, everyone ceases talking and spends time seeking guidance from Higher Power. At the end of the thirty seconds, someone calls "time and members may choose to say the Serenity Prayer before resuming the meeting.

"If a “time out” or “thirty seconds” does not eliminate the contentious behavior, it may be appropriate to ask for a group conscience decision on whether a person's behavior is threatening and/or offensive. If the group decides that the person is engaging in detrimental or disruptive behavior, the group can hold that person accountable by requesting that such behavior stop. Persons so cited are encouraged to work Steps Four and Ten, and act according to personal truth. Then, another group conscience may be requested to re-establish safety and CoDA unity."
– Issues Mediation Committee’s Disagreement, Mediation and Resolution, page 1

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