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Tuesday AM
Delegate Orientation, CoDA Board presentation and Motions, Treasurer's Report
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Tuesday PM
CoDA Board presentation and Motions, continued, CoRe presentation, Ratification of Motions
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Wed AM
Voting Entity Reports, Service Structure Committee Report and Motions, Co-NNections Committee Report, Communications Committee, CoDA Board Motions and Report
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Wed PM
Issue Mediation Committee Report and Motions, Spanish Outreach Report and Motions, 2017 Board of Trustees Candidate Elections, World Connections Committee Report and Motions, Email List
Coordinator’s Report
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Voting Entity Reports, CoDA Board of Trustees Presentation and Motions, Translation Management Committee Report and Motions, CoDA Literature Committee Report and Motions, Events Committee Report and Motions, Finance Committee Report and Motions, Hospitals and Institutions Report and Motions, Issues Mediation Committee 2017 Nominations / CoRe 2017 Nominations, Approve the 2017 CoDA Budget Announcement of Election results, Ratification of Board Motions
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Voting Entity Reports, Voting Entity Issue Motions, Outreach Motion, Unfinished or New Business, Comments from exiting members of Boards, Approve Final Motions
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