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2019 Delegate Package

CSC Agenda
CSC Audio Recordings
2019 CSC Motions Summary

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Complete Delegate Packet Zip File Updated 09/19/19
Motions Zip File - Updated 09/08/19
Everything Else Zip File Updated 09/19/19
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Instructions to Delegate Package
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VEI Issues, Motions and By-Law Changes Proposed for CSC 2019

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             Audio Testimonies

Additional Documents and Blank Forms



(* = amended)(** = late)



CoRe Motions
CoRe Motion 1


Ad Hoc Motions
Ad Hoc Motion 1*
Ad Hoc Motion 2*

Finance Committee Motions
Finance Motion 1*
Finance Motion 2**
Spanish Outreach Motions
Spanish Outreach Motion 1

Literature Motions
Literature Motion 1
Literature Motion 2
Literature Motion 2 - Supporting Document
-Updated Draft for Possible Conference Approval-
(What is CoDA 2.0)

Literature Motion 2 - Supporting Document  (What is CoDA)

Literature Motion 3
Literature Motion 3 - Supporting Document
-Updated Draft for Possible Conference Approval-(Attending Meetings 2.0)
Literature Motion 3 - Supporting Document (Attending Meetings)
Literature Motion 4
Literature Motion 4 - Supporting Document
-Updated Draft for Possible Conference Approval-
(Am I Codependent 2.0)
Literature Motion 4 - Supporting Document
(Am I Codependent)

Literature Motion 5
Literature Motion 5 - Supporting Document
-Updated Draft for Possible Conference Approval-???????
(Welcome 2.0)
Literature Motion 5 - Supporting Document


Marta Transit From Atlanta Airport To Crown Plaza Hotel

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2019 Delegate Packets 

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What is the CoDA Service Conference (CSC)?

The CoDA Service Conference (CSC) is CoDA World’s annual business meeting. The CSC is held each year in order to transact CoDA World business through the group conscience process. The location varies from year to year to support, and help grow CoDA communities around the world.

Who can attend the CoDA Service Conference (CSC)?

Delegates and Board members attend the CSC. A delegate is an individual in the fellowship who is elected by their Voting Entity to represent its wishes at the CSC. Committee Chairs, who also attend, can be granted voice, but no vote by the delegates at CSC, through group conscience.  Everyone else is an observer. Anyone that would like to observe the CSC process is welcome.

Does everyone attending the CoDA Service Conference (CSC) have a voice and vote?

No.   Voice and vote are restricted to elected delegates and Trustees on the CoDA, Inc. Board.

Do I have to register to attend the CoDA Service Conference (CSC)?

Yes. We use the registration list to email Conference information and motion updates during the Conference. Motions will not be printed during the Conference. A summary of the motions will be delivered to business meeting attendees at the end of each day. 

Is there a registration fee for the CoDA Service Conference (CSC)?






Sunday September 8

4pm New Delegate Orientation
6pm Delegate Reception

Monday September 9

8am CSC Begins

Tuesday September 10 

9am CSC

Wednesday September 11

9am CSC

Thursday September 12

9am CSC



Voting Entity Issues (VEIs)

will be assigned at CSC. VEIs that come in after that, and during the rest of the year, will be assigned whenever they come in.  Whoever has been assigned a VEI will report their responses to the Board, to the VE that initiated the issue and to the Fellowship.  Any decisions that require motions will be submitted in time for voting at the next CSC.at least 30 days before CSCThose VEIs that are received


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August 9, 20129

CoDA Workshop Applications


June 26, 2019

By Law Changes
75-day deadline

As defined by our By Laws, any By Law *changes* must be submitted *to
   the Board Secretary* in electronic form no later than *75 days* before
   the start of conference. By Law *Motions* associated with these proposed
   By Law changes follow the *60 day* rule as defined for all Motions.

June 26, 2019

Committee Motions
75-day deadline

All Motions will be emailed tosubmitcsc@coda.org no later than 75 days before the start of Conference, with revisions allowed for up to 60 days before the start of Conference.

July 11, 2019

Revisions to Motions/By Law Motions
60-day deadline


July 11, 2019