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VEI Issues, Motions and By-Law Changes Proposed for CSC 2018

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Please Download The Delegate Package Prior To CSC

Zip File #1: Motions and Voting
Entity Issues
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Instructions to Delegate Package



CoDA 2019 Approved Budget 
2018 Budget Process note
  • Committee Budgeting Form
  • H&I Budget
  • Finance Budget
  • SSC Budget
  • CoNNections Budget
  • IMC Budget
  • Board Budget
  • Outreach Budget
  • Spanish Outreach Budget
  • Events Budget
  • WCC Budget
  • CLC Budget
  • Comm Budget
  • TMC Budget
  • 2018 Budget Comparison
  • CoDA 2018 Approved Budget 


Reports and Goals

  • Co-NNections Goals
  • Co-NNections Report
  • Communications Report and Goals
  • CoRE Report
  • Email List Coordinator Report
  • Email List Coordinator Goals
  • IMC Report
  • IMC Goals
  • H&I Report
  • H&I Goals
  • SSC Report
  • Finance Report & Goals
  • Board Report & Goals
  • Outreach Report & Goals
  • Spanish Outreach Report
  • Spanish Outreach Goals
  • TMC Report
  • WCC Report
  • Events Report & Goals
  • CLC Report
  • CLC Goals
  • Board Treasurer Report
    • Part 2
  • SOS Report


Additional Documents and Blank Forms

  Motions (* = amended)(** = late)

Board Motions

Comunication Committee Motions 


Co-NNections Motions 


Events Motions

Finance Committee Motions

H & I Motions


IMC Motions

World Connections Committee Motions

Literature Motions

Outreach Motions


Service Structure Motions 

Spanish Outreach Motions

TMC Motions


Voting Entity Issues

VEI Issues as Motion by Delegate


Motions received after 7/26/18

Board Applications



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