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H.&I. (Hospitals and Institutions) Committee 

Frequently Asked Questions

H&I Policies and Procedures Manual 

H&I Lights Periodic Newsletter
Welcome to “H&I Light” CoDA’s Hospitals and Institutions Committee (H&I). In an effort to stay connected and support the fellowship we will use this as an avenue to communicate what H&I is working on and share ways you can help the codependent who still suffers within intuitions and outreach to recourses that can help share CoDA experience, strength, and hope.
H & I Light Beam Newsletter March 2011, September 2011, July 2012, April 2013
H & I lights Beam 5 Nov 2014
Hospital & Institutions Meeting Format
This meeting format has been modified from the CoDA basic format as a guideline for meetings in prison.  The style of program your meeting wishes to use (whether Sharing, Topic or Step) can be a group conscience decision made by the members of your group. Bold sections are for the meeting leader to read aloud; plain text sections are optional extras. Meeting leader hands out the foundational and meeting documents to those who would like to read aloud. You may also copy and display our “For Safety Sake” tent card during meetings. Get the format here.
H&I Needs Help!
We are looking for CoDA volunteers to help support outreach in Hospitals and Institutions (H & I). If you have some time and are willing to support CoDA outreach in Hospitals and other institutions, please email the H & I Community Outreach at the address below.
Contact:  hosp @ coda.org

Prisons are also part of H&I Community Outreach where there is a real need to carry the message to inmates in the system. Note: Anyone entering a prison will be required to provide information for a background check and be finger printed.

Contact:  hosp @ coda.org

Help place CoDA Books in prisons, hospitals, and institutions.  You send us $10 for a CoDA Book and an address for an institution and we will match those funds and send two books to your requested institution.
See Info & Order Form

Multnomah County Department of Community Justice in Portland, Oregon-Volunteer Manager sent an email inquiring about the possibility of having a meeting started at this facility. Contact was made with a member in the Portland area with the assurance that there were members excited about pursuing this endeavor.

·        Any CoDA Member willing to give service by phone to gather the needed information for placing The CoDA Book in hospitals and institutions please write: hosp@coda.org for more information. Those interested in placing brochures in institutions with local meeting lists may also write to the above email for more information.
·        CoDA Members willing to process inmates through the twelve steps by mail and willing to commit to this service for a minimum of two years please send an email to the above address for more information.
·        Occasionally inmates make requests for “someone to talk to” and willing to accept collect calls.  Now this would be for a very special service giver!  There may be ways around cutting the expense. Those interested in this avenue of service, send an email to the above address.
·        When inmates are released some are concerned about whether they will be accepted in local meetings. If local members are willing to help the inmates to connect and feel comfortable this would be a wonderful service. This calls for relationship with boundaries.  Again, please write the above address.

If everyone working in H&I service in some capacity would send their name, email, phone, city and state so we could send them local information this would be helpful. Also it would help in putting together a database of those wanting to be on a mailing list to discuss how to improve and grow this committee in order to be more prompt in responding to requests.


Inamtes want CoDA sponsors.

We have an inmate sponsorship program that started  in 2014.  It involves corresponding with an inmate using US Mail.  If you think you might want to be of service in this way, please click for CoDA Inmate Sponsorship Program.

Want to start a meeting in a residential facility that is closed to non-residents?

H&I has a Meeting Handbook that may help guide this process.  It has been modified from the 2014 CoDA Meeting Handbook.  This piece is intended to be used primarily by residents who wish to start meetings without the presence of a CoDA member from the "outside".  Click here for this service item.   


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