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Service Structure

1. Introduce yourself to your assigned committee(s) via email to committee alias, as soon as possible after the Service Conference.
2. Maintain regular communication, keeping in contact at least once a month.
3. Become familiar with the goals and function of the committee(s). (available in the Service Manual)
4. Communicate pertinent information to your assigned committee(s) in a timely manner, including dates of Board meetings, CoDA Quarterly Service Report submission deadlines, and any information related to the Committee’s goals or commitments to the Fellowship.
5. Communicate changes in overall financial status to committee chairs as soon as possible for any expenditure adjustments.
6. Review committee reports PRIOR to presentation to the Board and the QSR coordinator. Liaisons may suggest changes to the report, communicating reasons for suggested changes to the committee chairperson as soon as possible. This allows time for the whole committee to hold group conscience discussions about proposed changes.
7. Liaisons may provide guidance in adherence to the 12 Traditions and 12 Service Concepts in all activities.

This list has not been Conference approved, however, parts of it were taken from the Fellowship Service Manual. It has been reviewed and submitted by the Service Structure Committee.

Click here to view the committee chairs checklist

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