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Communication Committee

Mission Statement:
  • Focus on improving communications up and down the inverted pyramid within the World CoDA Fellowship
  • Work towards ensuring that every codependent throughout the world will have access to all the CoDA information that is important to them
  • Work towards ensuring that all people within the World CoDA Fellowship have a better understanding of what is involved in making the fellowship work
  • Provide a mechanism for two way communication with codependents in distant or isolated locations, particularly those without active communities or voting entities to support them
  • Address those areas of communication not currently handled by the Outreach Committee
  • Has responsibilities regarding the “General Announcements” (CoDA Announcements) email list.
Information about the Communications Committee can be found here
Current membership and contact information of committee members can be found here 

You may access the current agenda and past minutes of the CoDA Communications Committee by clicking here 

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