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Thanks – June 23, 2020

My cell phone rings. Usually an out of state area code. I usually answer “Are you calling CoDA?” Usually a timid female voice asks if our “classes” would help? Sure.

I ask what’s up? And listen for a bit. Then suggest they surf all over the website, including the characteristics. All too often they say they don’t have a computer, or internet service. I go upstairs to my desktop, suggesting we go to

I help them find meetings and 1) suggest they go to a number of different meetings 2) work 12 simple steps 3) get a same sex sponsor 4) follow suggestions.

CoDA and earlier 12 step programs help me live, laugh, love, appreciate, share, write, parent, grandparent, accept what is, try to do God’s will, read, do jigsaw and crossword puzzles, vent, love myself just as I am, call friends, carry the message, let go and let God, keep walking through the steps and traditions, and so much more. Thanks, God for giving us all we need, including current lessons. Thanks for the CoDA program, and 12 simple steps, and sponsors, and telephones.

I do a step each month. March is the third month and I’m reminded to turn over my will and life (and wife) to the care of God as I understand her.

Enjoy the journey, unless we have other plans.

Dan D.

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