2022 CoDA Service Conference August 22 - 25, 2022


PLEASE NOTE: The hotel has a limited number of ground floor rooms and no elevators.

Delegates will have a mandatory orientation on Sunday, August 21st.


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What is the CoDA Service Conference (CSC)?

The CoDA Service Conference (CSC) is CoDA World’s annual business meeting. The CSC is held each year in order to transact CoDA World business through the group conscience process. The location varies from year to year to support, and help grow CoDA communities around the world.

Who can attend the CoDA Service Conference (CSC)?

Everyone can attend the CSC.  Those in attendance are usually elected Delegates, Alternate Delegates, Board of Trustees, Committee Chairs, Committee members and other CoDA members who wish to observe the proceedings.

Does everyone attending the CoDA Service Conference (CSC) have a voice and vote?

Per the bylaws only elected Delegates, the CoDA Board of Trustees and two CoRe Board Trustees are granted voice and vote. Committee Chairs are granted voice during their committee time. However, the Conference may extend voice or vote privileges at the Conference to any member of the CoDA Fellowship that it deems appropriate or necessary. Voice or vote may be granted for the entire Conference, or on individual issues.

Do I have to register to attend the CoDA Service Conference (CSC)?

Yes. We use the registration list to email Conference information and motion updates during the Conference. Motions will not be printed during the Conference. A summary of the motions will be delivered to business meeting attendees at the end of each day.

Is there a registration fee for the CoDA Service Conference (CSC)?



CoDA World embraces the multilingual and cultural diversity the Fellowship holds around the world. The CoDA Board recognizes it is easier than ever for groups and individuals, without English as a primary language, to enjoy and stay current with CoDA international events and activities like the CoDA Service Conference (CSC) which gives CoDA as a whole direction, CoDA International Convention (ICC) where living the program is shared, Board meetings, World Committees, and the website.

Voting Entities and Intergroups are already playing an active role in inclusivity and the global reach to carry the message of recovery to the still-suffering codependent in a familiar language. The coda.org website now has a translation feature for multiple languages. Publishing translated CoDA literature is another avenue and groups are interpreting during events such as at the annual business of CSC, and the ICC workshops. A simple practical process has been effective, for the latter, coordinating at the local level bilingual members who are willing to interpret.

With this processes, CoDA World committees and events will continue to become familiar and enjoyed by members, no matter where you are in the world or what language is spoken. The Board encourages these endeavors to further the experience of world connections and its global reach. CEC (CoDA Events Committee), WCC (World Connections Committee), IMC (Issues Mediation Committee), TMC (Translations Management Committee) and World Outreach Committee can be reached to support these efforts and to connect members and countries with one another for a global reach. To contact any committee, please email [email protected]

CoDA Board of Trustees

Spanish, Portuguese and Farsi interpretation will be offered

If you are interested in attending the 2022 CSC (or future CSCs) and working in the English language would hamper your attendance, please reach out to [email protected] for information.


June 8th, 2022 By Law Changes
75-day deadline
[email protected]
As defined by our By Laws, any By Law *changes* must be submitted *to
the Board Secretary* in electronic form no later than *75 days* before
the start of conference. By Law *Motions* associated with these proposed
By Law changes follow the *60 day* rule as defined for all Motions.
June 8th, 2022 All Motions
75-day deadline
[email protected]
All Motions will be emailed to [email protected] no later than 75 days before the start of Conference, with revisions allowed for up to 60 days before the start of Conference.Link To CSC Motion Form
June 23rd, 2022 Revisions to Motions/By Law Motions
60-day deadline
[email protected]
July 23rd, 2022 Committee Reports and Goals
30-day deadline
[email protected]
All reports, goals and budgets must be emailed 30 days before the start of the Conference

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