Due to the closures of public buildings, and the precautions stated by infectious disease experts concerning the contagiousness of the COVID 19 virus, many meetings are either on hiatus or choosing to meet by video conference on one of many providers (SKYPE, ZOOM, Facetime. Freeconferencecall, Hangouts, etc.) or by phone conferencing. 

While CoDA world service will continue to update meetings, there will be a lag in accomplishing them due to the volume of requested changes.  We are suggesting that you first reach out to local contacts asking them for direct information.  

Also, If your group has not posted at least one contact whose phone number and/or email address is displayed on the group record, please send in a phone number and email address for one of your members immediately by emailing this to [email protected].  Please accompany all requested updates with the CoDA Group ID# of the meeting, and if you do not know it, you can check the listings on our website at this link https://coda.org/find-a-meeting/.  Search by clicking your state on the map, and then select the city to find the meeting.  You can also search internationally by selecting the country and city of the meeting.  Thank you and take good care.