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  • WW139

  • Wednesday

    English (Ingles)

  • 9:30:00 PM

    Online Meeting

  • 1 hour

    Open, Open

Special Instructions

Note: Iphone or ipad won't work, as the web app runs on flash. You need a desktop or laptop, either mac or pc to attend these meetings.


1. Click the link below to get to the web server.

2. This server runs on Adobe Flash, so click on the Adobe Flash logo at the top left to permission it for use. This will enable this application to access the meeting server.

3. You will land on a page called Hastings UFO Society (the server name). Use the scroll bar up top, moving it to the left to shrink the background page until you can see a typing field at the bottom. Look directly over your yellow smiley face and click the button “To Online Meetings”. Type the password: service. This will immediately take you to the meeting room.

4. Once in the meeting room: Please don’t talk when meeting is in process, unless you’re on the table sharing. It disrupts those sharing. After the meeting ends, there can be a Q&A session in the meeting room.

5. Click LOG up top to open your text log for tracking. Drag the log to the side and size it how you like.

6. Click on any empty chair to sit down.

7. Click PREFERENCES up top, to change your default name to the name you want.

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