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  • WW372

  • Thursday

    English (Ingles)

    Step-Tradition, Discussion, CoDA Literature

  • 03:00 PM (GMT -8:00) Pacific Time (US & Canada)

    Bremerton Washington United States of America (USA)

    Online Meeting

  • 1 hour and 20 minutes


Primary Contact

Denire' (Deni-Ray)

Special Instructions

This is a step study, We read the Step, reflect, and take 7 mins to write or answer some of the step answers, then come together to share our experience, strength , and hope for that Step. All who are codependent or think they may be are welcome. We ask that there be no student observers, or healthcare providers who are not here for themselves to join us, This is a closed meeting. Only those identifying as a codependent are welcomed. This is a safe place and we look forward to working the Steps with you 🙂 We are working from the CoDA 12 Steps 12 Traditions green workbook. We screen share the book for those who so not yet have the literature. Things you may need: your workbook/notebook, pen/pencil, and the willingness to commit and show up for yourself and work the steps 🙂 We look forward to recovering and discovering with you on this journey to loving thy self. STARTING BACK AT STEP 1 - June 3rd 2021. Your never alone come and be supported. Happy Healing <3

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