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  • WW348

  • Saturday

    English (Ingles)

    Step-Tradition, Discussion, CoDA Literature

  • 09:30 PM

    Online Meeting

  • 1+ hours


Special Instructions

Never Alone; Burning Desires was created for all who identify as codependent and wanting to talk to someone at night who may be facing burning desires (feeling like they may have a relapse) or can not stop the racing compulsive thoughts. We welcome you to come listen or share your story with us. -We read the 4 foundational literature(steps/tradition/preamble/welcome) -We read the Promises of CoDA -we share (only if you desire to) for up to 4 minutes those who choose to share -we listen and show our fellow CoDA members that in this we are never along. Nothing is required to attend this meeting just your will to have a healthy relationship with yourself and others. This meeting is Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights 9:30 PM (PACIFIC TIME) Meeting ID: 893 0426 9214 How many steps are in CoDA? _ _ How many traditions are in CoDA? _ _ The answer to these questions is the passcode (just to keep the meeting secure) passcode:_ _ _ _ Join us and know that in the fellowship of Co-Dependents Anonymous you are never alone.

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