This area is for CoDA members to share information and to connect for speaking, whether at a meeting, an event or as a guest.  Resource materials are listed at the bottom of the page.

Speaker Meetings:  In many 12 step fellowships, speaker meetings are a wonderful type of meeting where a member can share their experience, strength and hope for other CoDA members in the room.  Some meetings have speaker meetings regularly, while others may have speakers for special events, such as anniversaries.  Groups may ask their current members to share or ask someone from their region to attend the meeting to speak.  Another option for a speaker meeting is to have a recording or reading and share on the experience, strength and hope offered through these mediums.  To access audio recordings, please see the selection available through CoRE (in English) or through Voting Entities, Intergroups and CoDA Conventions.

CoDA Events:  CoDA events such as Assemblies, “Round-ups”, and Conventions often have speakers.  Sometimes speakers are classified as a “keynote” speaker or a “sprituality” speaker.  Sometimes there can be more than one speaker sharing at the same event or meeting.  Sample formats are offered below for 1. Speaker Meeting Formats; 2. Speaker Audio Recording Waiver; 3. Suggestions on Distribution of Materials.

Guest Speaking:  As a CoDA member, you may be asked to speak to groups of people about your experience, strength and hope.  This is not as common in CoDA as it is in other fellowships where members may regularly speak at schools, rehab centers, hospitals, prisons, shelters, and/or mental health fairs.  We suggest that you utilize the Twelve Traditions to discern the appropriateness of the venue using such questions as : Does this put you in affiliation with the venue?  Does this break your anonymity? Does this help fulfill our primary purpose, to carry the message to the codependent who still suffers? We suggest using the Twelve Traditions service work inventory to guide you in this work. As a golden rule, we certainly do not use our last names or identifying information in such venues.

Speaker List in Development:  We hope to offer a list of people willing to share their experience, strength, and hope as speakers.  Speaking “appearances” can be done in person or remotely, by telephone using speakerphone, or by videoconferencing.  We also wish for input in the development of clear guidelines for remote speaking, to ensure the anonymity of all members is respected. Service in this area of development is appreciated and can be done by contacting the Outreach Committee at [email protected]

Please submit information by email using Submissions, with Speaker Meetings in the comments, if you wish to…

  • Be listed as a potential speaker on the list in development
  • Be part of a workgroup developing a speaker list and suggested speaker meeting procedures and templates
  • Offer resources such as speaker meeting templates or formats to be listed on this page
    • Sample Meeting Format
    • Sample Audio Recording Waiver/Dosclaimer
    • Suggestions on Distributing Materials
  • Suggest links or recordings of other audio or video speaker resources worldwide (all languages encouraged)
FEEDBACK & SUBMISSIONS FOR THIS PAGE:  The Outreach Resource Guide (ORG) is a work in progress which depends on contributions from you, our fellowship members. Please submit suggestions and materials by going to the Submissions page for further instructions.

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