Translation Management

Carrying the Message in Your Language

Carrying the Message in Your Language

Getting Started

If you are ready to start translating and publishing CoDA literature into your native language, get started by completing an initial application.

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To preserve the integrity & unity of CoDA,

please follow legal guidelines for the use of CoDA endorsed literature which is trademarked and copyrighted. Any material we have published or that can be downloaded from our web site may not be translated, sold or distributed without explicit permission and proper legal documentation from us, unless otherwise stated.

Translation & Publication or Distribution Grant

CoDA, Inc. is offering a one-time grant of $1,000(US equivalent) to help a Voting Entity translate and/or publish CoDA literature.

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The Translation Management Coordinator assists individuals, groups, and Voting Entities around the world to translate and distribute CoDA-Endorsed literature and materials translated into their own language.

For questions on Translation Management please email [email protected].

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