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The Translation Management Committee’s mission is to carry the message to codependents worldwide whatever their language.


The Translation Management Committee assists individuals, groups, and Voting Entities around the world to find and/or create CoDA-Approved literature and materials translated into their own language(s).


  • The Translation Management Committee designs and manages the process by which CoDA approved Literature is translated.
  • The Translation Management Committee communicates with CoDA entities who want to carry the message worldwide using CoDA approved Literature.
  • The Translation Management Committee assists and coordinates the translation of CoDA approved literature.

The committee basically has two areas that it is working in:

  1. The United States:

    Translate documents into other languages for use within the United States. CoRe (CoDA publisher) will publish and distribute these materials within the United States. The committee is currently working on translating CoDA materials into Spanish. Nearly all of the documents have been translated and efforts are underway to proof these documents so that CoRe can publish and distribute them.

  2. Outside the United States:

    Assist groups to translate material into their language. These groups will later publish and distribute these materials themselves. This task is accomplished by volunteer groups representing their VE.

If you are interested in assisting in this work in any way, please contact the Translation Management Committee via email at [email protected].

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