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Managing our Dysfunctional behavior

Managing our Dysfunctional Behaviors


Managing our Dysfunctional Behaviors   

I, and many others, have long be concerned that CoDA has no bottom line like other programs.  Like stopping drinking or drugs.  I have a proposal that I would like to see incorporated into Coda’s name. It is “CoDependence Anonymous / Managing our dysfunctional behaviors”

It says what for me is the goal of my recovery, i.e. I have learned over the years how to manage/deal with my behavior so I can live a normal life.  Not that I don’t get triggered from time to time and some times still listen to my old tapes.  My goal is to be able to manage these attacks.

As Codependence means something different to everyone, the one thing we have in common is the desire to be able to manage/control this codependency so that it does not interfere with my life and who I am.

Adding these four words to our name would also make Codependence more easily understood by those who are not in the program and may make the program more attractive.  I believe that our declining membership is partially due to not having a clear message of the benefits and what one can expect from participating in meetings.

Some people would like to have softer words, or words directed at their own form of codependence.  I believe our title/name needs to be broad and unambiguous.

Please let me know what you think.

Michael B



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