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Words Of Wisdom 2003

Words Of Wisdom

(A Collection of sayings heard at


Progress, NOT Perfection

Submitted by,
Amber F


All is alright in the end.
If it’s not alright, it’s not the end.

Submitted by,
Erin Q.


As a human being I care
about him/her, but as an ex-girlfriend/boyfriend, I despise her/him.

Submitted by,
Elena L.


1. In a meeting on
powerlessness and the 1st step, someone said, Sometimes you are powerless over
the parking at the store.

2. My Higher Power was
there, I was missing.

3. I came with a "hole" in
the insides, and now after working the steps, I am "WHOLE".

4. Now I have a roadmap,
before CoDA I was driving in circles

5. When my Higher Power has
the plan, I don’t need one.

Submitted by,
Judith S.


Coming into CoDA, I have
been made aware. Before CoDA, it was like I was drowning , and I never knew I
was in the pool

Submitted by,
John C


If it ain’t broke, fix it
till it is.

Submitted by,


What you think of me is none
of my business.

What I think of me …. now, that’s my business.

Submitted by,


We, as codependents, want we
cannot have and do everything in our power to get it and then lose what we do

Submitted by,
Julie M.


An effective boundary does
not depend upon compliance by an outside party.

Submitted by,
Jim W.


I have the right to be treated with respect.
I have the right to say no and not feel guilty.
I have the right to experience and express my feelings.
I have the right to take time for myself.
I have the right to change my mind.
I have the right to ask for what I want.
I have the right to ask for information.
I have the right to do less than I am humanly capable of.
I have the right to make mistakes.
I have the right to feel good about myself.
I have the right to act only in ways that promote my dignity and self-respect,
as long as others are not violated in the process.

Submitted by,
Bonnie Z.


Yeah, living with your
Mother is like pouring "Miracle Grow" on our character defects".

Submitted by,
Lynne M.


I describe him as: Someone
who would take his shirt off his back for you,
but will tell you how to wear it

Submitted by,


1. The only limitations that
exist in life are the one’s we create for ourselves.
2. Now is life’s answer for living.
3. Our paths in life follow God’s footprints.
4. Sanity resides in letting go.

Submitted by,
Burton S.


When you’re going through
Hell … DON’T STOP !

My dreams come from God, and God has the power to accomplish them.

No!, Yes!, Oh?, WoW!, Whatever. (safe replies)

Argument = a mad dash between 2 people for the victims spot.

God Loves Me …
… not because of anything I am,
… not because of anything I’ve done,
… but because of the kind of God He is.

Guilt is, I made a mistake.
Shame is, I AM a mistake.

The acronym for EGO — Edging God Out

Do the thing you fear the most, and the death of fear is certain.

Shame = feelings, and feelings = thoughts … and thoughts can be changed.


Here’s the difference between can’t and won’t;
If you can’t, God can.
If you won’t, nobody can.

Suffering in life is necessary … the misery is optional.

Today the light at the end of the tunnel is NOT a freight train.

Apologize for actions.
Don’t apologize for feelings.

Character defects are things we know are wrong.
Shortcomings are things we’ve never been taught are wrong.

God won’t give me more than I can handle, but He may give me more than I can

H-A-L-T = Hungry, Angry, Lonely, Tired

I judge myself on my good intentions — the rest of the world judges me on my

Courage is … fear with prayer.

Depression is just anger w/o enthusiasm.

Submitted by,
Gaylord in Alaska


-The distance from the
problem to the solution is the same as my knees to the floor!

-If in doubt, don’t!

-The best prayer is Help!

-The best meditation is thank you!

Submitted by,
Laura S.


Expectations are
pre-meditated Resentments

Submitted by,
Ed W.



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