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Julie B.’s Story 10-27-15

Julie B.’s Story


Hello CoDA Family,


My name is Julie B, a recovering codependent. I was a grateful member of the CoDA Board of Trustees from 2009 – 2012.


Serving on the CoDA Board of Trustees accelerated my spiritual growth on the “diamond lane of recovery”. Here are some highlights:


• I utilized the tools of our program; Steps, Traditions, Service Concepts, and Promises.


• I practiced the spiritual principles in a safe setting with Board members, Committee members, Delegates, Fellow Service Workers, etc… from around the world.


• I learned so much about how the CoDA service structure actually ties together as a whole, universally, via local, regional, and worldwide communities. This was amazing!


• I learned a new freedom and had the opportunity to express my feelings, voice my concerns, share creative ideas, establish healthy boundaries, resolve conflict, apply acceptance, forgiveness, make amends, embrace spiritual equality, and CoDA unity. I gave others the same privilege.


• My sponsor once told me that service work is a gift and great way to do my part by giving back to our fellowship. Yep, I definitely agree.


• Working with the Board and using the Steps/Traditions provided spiritual benefits which I currently apply to my relationship with my Higher Power, others, occupation, and personal life.


Would I serve on the CoDA Board of Trustees again? The answer is yes, you betcha! I believe more gifts are waiting to be given and received.


In service,


Julie B (Chico, CA) 7/28/15



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