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Members tell their CoDA recovery stories of experience, strength, and hope in a new book. We are looking for longer stories, 900 – 4,000 words.
For more information and to submit your story, email [email protected], Subject line: Story Gatherers



1. A quote: Step, Tradition, Promise, or any CoDA Conference endorsed literature.
2. Share your insight, learning, gratitude, happiness in 100 – 200 words.
For more information and to submit your meditation, email:  [email protected], Subject New Daily Reader.



This new book describes the process of doing inner child work, maturing emotionally and spiritually, while working CoDA’s Twelve Steps and following the suggestions of the programs. We are on track to present this book for Conference Endorsement at the CoDA Service Conference in Houston, Texas- 2023.

The CoDA Literature Committee, CLC, creates and facilitates the development of new printed literature and service items that are posted on the website. CLC also proofreads items before they are reprinted and occasionally rewrites existing literature.

Every piece of CoDA conference endorsed literature has been written by and for the Fellowship of Co-Dependents Anonymous. All CoDA Conference endorsed literature is published by CoRe, CoDA Resource Publishing, Inc.

Each new piece of CoDA literature is created through a lengthy process of brainstorming, writing, re-writing, and word smithing within a subcommittee of CLC members. When the subcommittee is ready to share their work, the entire committee looks at the document. Every member has input on its content, editing where needed. Editing decisions are made according to the committee group conscience, keeping in mind the Twelve Traditions and allowing Higher Power guidance. Our goal is to create literature that will support the recovery process of codependents who still suffer.

Once a new piece of literature is ready, it is submitted via committee motion to the CoDA Service Conference, CSC. The motion is sent to the Delegates about two months prior to the conference. If the Conference Delegates vote to accept a new piece of literature, it is considered CoDA Conference endorsed and it then goes to CoRe for publication. Once printed, literature is sold on the CoRe website: in English and eventually it is translated into Spanish.

CLC encourages CoDA members and groups to contribute ideas and written material for consideration to the CLC. All stories and other writings must be accompanied by a copyright assignment and become the property of CoDA, Inc. See the link at the bottom of the page. Files may be submitted as a PDF, word doc, or in txt. or .rtf formats.

CLC welcomes new members for this important work. Good writing and editing skills are necessary. Service on CLC requires two years active membership in the CoDA Fellowship. It is recommended that members have worked the Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions with a sponsor and that they currently have a sponsor. Each member is expected to actively work on at least one project.

CLC meets monthly via Zoom. Our working group subcommittees meet at whatever timing meets their needs, generally weekly once a project is underway. We work cooperatively in the Google doc format.

For more information, see the CLC description in the Fellowship Service Manual,
Part 5, Section 3:

If you are interested in joining the CoDA Literature Committee or have questions about the committee or any of our projects, email us at [email protected].

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