CoDA Literature Committee

The CoDA Literature Committee (CLC) develops new literature for the CoDA Fellowship, guided by our Higher Power, the Twelve Steps, and Twelve Traditions. In addition, CLC updates and edits existing CoDA literature before it is reprinted.

Our goal is to create literature that supports the still suffering codependent in working all aspects of their recovery program.

The CoDA Literature Committee invites you to submit your writings for two new CoDA publications.

A book of new CoDA stories:
Story Gatherers

Submit your story:

  • Share your Experience, Strength, and Hope.
  • Similar in length and depth to the stories in Co-Dependents Anonymous
  • What led you to CoDA? How have you changed since coming to CoDA?
  • Your CoDA recovery today
  • May include how CoDA service has enhanced your recovery.
  • We encourage stories from CoDA members with diverse backgrounds world-wide
  • Your story may include recovery during COVID 19
  • 900-4,000 words or 3-12 pages.
  1. Submit to: [email protected]
  2. Subject line: Story Gatherers

Lighting Our Path:
Daily Meditations for Recovering Codependents

Submit your meditation

  • We are looking for your personal insight, understanding, and growth gained from reading your favorite CoDA literature.
  • Format for submissions to the new daily reader:
  • Choose a quote from any piece of CoDA literature.
    – Provide the publication name, edition number, and page number of your quote. You can write about a Step, Tradition, Promise, or Service Concept. You might include a “Ah ha” moment from a meeting or a conversation with a sponsor, sponsee, or a CoDA friend. Follow your quote with your personal writing Include a title, or we can choose a title, if you prefer 100 – 250 words
  1. Submit to: [email protected]
  2. Subject line: Lighting Our Path

New literature endorsed at CSC 2023

Growing Up in CoDA – This full-length book invites us to explore our childhood wounds and work our CoDA recovery through inner child work and reparenting. Growing Up in CoDA builds on Chapters Two and Five in our foundational text, Co-Dependents Anonymous.

Reparenting Your Inner Child – a new pamphlet to help us discover our inner child and find our loving inner parent.

The Twelve Steps & Twelve Traditions Workbook, Twentieth Anniversary Fourth Revised Consolidated Edition – Revised and expanded to reflect a new understanding of CoDA principles gained since the first workbook of the Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions of Co-Dependents Anonymous.

Recovery Patterns of Codependence 2023 – a service piece to be posted on “In Recovery” “I” statements, new “In Recovery we…” statements, some entries have been updated to reflect CoDA language.

Issues with the God word?

The CoDA Literature Committee is creating a new CoDA booklet especially for those who have bristled at, been distressed by, or have rejected the God word in CoDA literature,
AND we need your help!

This booklet will be written by CoDA members with non-traditional beliefs.

The target audience is the CoDA newcomer, CoDA members struggling with spirituality while working the program and sponsors helping sponsees who have experienced spiritual trauma or religious abuse.

If you have limited or no experience with a spiritual connection or if your experience has been non-traditional, we invite you to share your experience, strength, and hope working CoDA’s Twelve Steps.

For more information and to submit your 100-500 word story please email: [email protected] (with “Non-Traditional” in the Subject line)

How is CoDA literature created?

Each new piece of CoDA literature is created through a lengthy process of brainstorming, writing, re-writing, and wordsmithing. Decisions are made by group conscience, keeping in mind the Twelve Traditions and allowing for Higher Power guidance.

New pieces of literature are submitted by the CoDA Literature Committee to the CoDA Service Conference (CSC) for review and a group conscience vote. Once accepted by a majority of the assembled delegates, the piece of literature is considered CoDA Service Conference endorsed.

The CoDA Literature Committee encourages CoDA members and groups to contribute ideas and written material for consideration to [email protected]. Authors will assign their copyright to CoDA Inc. to be published anonymously.

Where can I buy CoDA literature?

CoDA Service Conference endorsed literature is published and distributed by CoRe Publications on their website: in English and Spanish. In person meetings and some intergroups sell CoDA CSC endorsed literature.

Is it possible to get free literature?

Some CoDA pamphlets and service pieces may be downloaded for individual use here Because CoDA CSC endorsed literature is under copyright, it is illegal to print and distribute multiple copies. Please purchase multiple copies at

CLC welcomes new members for this important work.

World service in CLC requires a minimum of two years active membership in the CoDA Fellowship. Each CLC member is expected to actively work on at least one project. See new member information link below.

If you are interested in joining the CoDA Literature Committee or have questions about the committee or any of our projects, email us at [email protected].

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