Pending Conference Approval - DRAFT Voting Entity and other CoDA Literature

The following pieces of literature and service materials were accepted by the 2022 CoDA Service Conference for draft approval to be reviewed by the Fellowship until 2023 CoDA Service Conference.

Please feel free to use The 40 Questions for your groups and submit comments and suggested edits to the [email protected].


Please feel free to use all the CoDAteen material below  to help start and support CoDAteen meetings.  We encourage any comments or suggested edits to be sent to [email protected].  We especially want to hear from meetings who are actively using the material and from the teens themselves.

Limited Copyright Release - Writers, podcasters and videographers, hereafter referred to as contributors, agree to a shared release of copyright allowing CoDA, Inc. to publish their works for no compensation and granting CoDA, Inc the right to reuse any work in any future publications. This waiver agreement allows the contributor and CoDA, Inc the right to reuse the work in any future endeavors.

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