Pending Conference Approval - DRAFT Voting Entity Literature

At the 2017 CoDA Service Conference, a two-year process was created to bring literature developed by Voting Entities to the attention of the Fellowship.
  1. A DRAFT version of the item, for comment only, is posted on the CoDA website. CoDA Announcements advises the membership of the documents’ availability so they may send comments on the item to both the Voting Entity’s authors and the Board.
  2. After a year of such review, a vote on the updated final version of the item is held at the next CoDA Service Conference.

Provisionally approved for Comment Only until 90 days prior to the 2023 CoDA Service Conference


The following piece of literature from CoDA Literature Committee
was accepted by the 2022 CoDA Service Conference to be reviewed and commented on for one year by members of the fellowship.
Submit comments and suggested edits simultaneously, to both [email protected] and [email protected]

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