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Beth 11-15-16

CoDA changed my life. I had been in codependent relationships all my life and at the time married to a verbal abuser. Something needed to change and it was me. Working the 12 steps caused me to gradually understand my patterns and triggers, connect with my higher source, and love and protect my inner child and my children from an unhealthy environment. I’m thankful to CoDA and the men and women who have struggled with the same issues and are doing something about it. Through time, I divorced and learned to be happy alone, figuring out my own passions and becoming a better mom for my children. One passion I have is poetry. This poem from this morning seems fitting to share.



She wore a smile…in spite of feeling worthless, unloved, and alone.

She wore a smile…during her most difficult times so no one would know her pain.

She wore a smile…like an actress faking happiness every day.

Yet, through a series of good decisions, the love for her children, reflection, and the acceptance of God’s love…the smile changed.

It became genuine…

It radiated light…

It shined from her happy soul and could not be taken away by anything or anyone…

Never again will her smile need to be faked or forced because its power supply is endless.

Beth K.

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