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Dina 7-26-16


Being in an unhealthy relationship for 20 years was taking a toll on me. I was feeling constantly overwhelmed and exhausted, hopeless and helpless. 
What pained me most about my life was living "beneath the bricks"… Knowing that my real self was buried under there. Somewhere deep down… There was so much I needed to accomplish, so much I was capable of creating, doing, spreading. Yet, it sat beneath the cocoon, hibernating… Waiting for the layers of hardened molten to chip away. One chisel at a time… 
And then came CoDA. At first I was skeptical, yet something was awakening inside. I cried at my first few meetings feeling so desperate and hopeless. Slowly, slowly things began to shift. I started feeling clearer, brighter, and more connected to God. I worked and worked for over a year, speaking to my sponsor, going to meetings, praying…, and I am so grateful to say I’m seeing things shifting. I have more energy and I’m taking responsibility for my life with the help of God. 

And as I continue to trust the process I tell myself, "Patience my dear, patience." 

Dina K 6/6/16

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