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Madeline R 5-3-16

A question in Step 2 asks: What attributes does my Higher Power have,

and how do they support me?


For me, the answer to this question is the Key to my recovery. My Higher

Power Attributes cleansed the stubborn childhood’s cobwebs that were

once embedded inside my head, and helps me stay focused on the positive,

rather than the negative.


Some say: "My HP doesn’t like it when I procrastinate; he expects me to

do better." Others say: "My HP doesn’t like it when I don’t follow his

will". If it’s not too much to ask, I would like to share the seven

attributes of my Higher Power with you.


1. LOVE. My Higher Power is pure LOVE. He does not care how I look, or

what grade I completed, he doesn’t ask about my gender, sexual

preference, ethnic background, national origin, religion, or a lack of

it. His love is unconditional.


2. AWESOME. My Higher Power is AWESOME! He offers freedom of choice, and

yet, provides subtle clues about the things that would work best for me.

The greatest part of this? He leaves it up to me! I chose to follow his



3. LOYAL FRIEND. He is the greatest! Even if no one cared about me, I

will not feel neglected, loveless, or rejected; I already have the best

companion and the greatest love in the World!


4. LOVING AND CARING. He stands by me. If I were in a war zone,

devastation to my left and to my right, I will not be afraid. I am under

the embrace of my Higher Power.


5. 24/7 ON THE POST. My Higher Power is the Best Switchboard Operator

ever! He directs good people my way. Right now, I could think of a

few… my sponsor, my CoDA friends, people I do service work with. Yes

indeed. My Higher Power is a Miracle Worker!


6. SECURITY. If I were to lose the ability to speak, see, hear, walk, or

do my personal care, I will not be in despair. My Higher Power holds my

hand, and his presence warms my heart.


7. PROTECTOR. Death could come, and I’ll be gone, but I will always

remain, under my Higher Power’s protection!


8. BEST MOOD-LIFTER.. My Higher Power takes away my blues! No matter how

bad my day may turn, when I think of all the wonderful things my Higher

Power has given me, the skies turn bright, flowers smile; I say to

myself: Is good to be alive!


Madeline R 3/9/16

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