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Mary’s Story 3-15-16

Mary’s Story

I have recently been faced with the hard cold fact that I am codependent… after reading up on what it actually means,  the term "poster child" comes to mind. I have been given two workbooks to page through and work in addition to seeking out a support group to help me sort this whole new diagnosis out. Yes diagnosis… my therapist said so. Today’s lesson to work on was detachment. 

Bam! I am now over whelmed and actively seeking guidance from my higher power (God) I now understand the serenity prayer and why I now understand it. I don’t necessarily think I am cured, for lack of a better term but actually think this is going to be a long struggle. I have to give up control but I can still love?? Really, I mean really… back when I was oblivious to my codependent nature, I would have cheated, ran,  lied,  manipulated and raged to hang on to that control. I don’t have to do any of that anymore?!? Really, I mean really?

Mary W – 11/9/15

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