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Paula 8-2-2016

I came into the program attending Al-Anon meetings and then realized I was Co-Dependent (oh my, it was about me after all). 🙂 

After several years of meetings I thought I was fixed and stopped attending. Later I realized my tendencies to take care of others and desert myself broadened after having a child. Healthy boundaries and taking care of myself went right out the window (and so did my happiness).

Sometimes it takes a downward descent to realize you have forgotten to work the steps. I can only fix myself and if others want to come along for the ride that is okay too. I joke about "It’s not all about me", but the truth is it is. If I don’t feel right in my own skin, it is my responsibility to fix it. No one is going to do it for me.

For years I thought how selfish other people I knew behaved until it dawned on me they were simply setting healthy boundaries and taking care of themselves. That isn’t selfish at all. Now I am trying to raise my awareness and attending meetings (even though I thought I was done because I was "fixed"). I can’t think of a safer environment to "reveal" my shortcomings, gain support and get a mirror check. As they always say "Keep coming back, it works!" The check up from the neck up works wonders.

Paula V – 6/7/16

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