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The Butterfly 3-22-16

The Butterfly

Feeling grounded, weighted down. The world’s upon my shoulders. Feel my footing loosing grip, I’m covered up in boulders. The suffocating pain of life is almost too much to bear; I’d leave this world of suffering but for the ones that care.
I’ve lost myself inside this storm. The winds are whirling round. I feel so lost and cast-away. I’m sure I’ll not be found. Lacking Love, a heart neglected, it’s a dark and lonely place. I seek some light in this dark tunnel; looking for some grace.
My youthfulness is fading. My hope is growing dimmer. I search the sky for one small star to wish upon that shimmers. My world is crumbling down around; inside I feel I’m dying. I find it hard to leave my bed because I’m always crying.
I seek security in life; to find the Promised Land. I remember Happiness is a choice that is within my hand. And like a butterfly slowing leaving the cocoon. I realize I can find myself; I can change just like the moon.
Slowly, the layers peeling back, my wings begin to show. The world is feeling lighter; the winds no longer blow. The boulders crashing down are gone, I feel renewed and fearless. The pain it’s gone; taken away, by love, hope and forgiveness.
Smiles have replaced the tears, my life has renewed hope. The colors of my wings they shine; with all things I can cope. I learned to be the butterfly; my life could rearrange. All I had to do was from the caterpillar change
Cottagegirl 12/14/15

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