Co-NNections Recovery Stories

Alison 8-22-17

At times, my night is endless. Ablaze with racing thoughts, my World War ignites. The toxic fumes of my burning wheels assault my nose. Battles cries fill the air. How could you do this to me? Why don’t you love me? Why are you so cruel? I don’t know where to point the fingers of abuse. I’m so confused!!!
Poisoned by the drama, I cry. Who is wrong and who is right? I’m so busy seeing through their eyes, that I deny my own sight. Apologizing for what is not mine, losing my dignity. But, I know it’s not right.
Dark vs. Light in the fight for my life.
How can I own myself l if I keep giving it away to other dysfunctional souls? How can I speak of others’ dysfunction when I have not healed my own soul?
But there is hope!!!
My World War ends where Coda begins. So, I go to groups , I work my Steps, I speak to my Sponsor.
I soldier bravely on. I fight to be whole. From the fires of War I become the Phoenix. I rise above my battlefield and from the ashes of my old self, I am reborn!!! I become the light.
Alison M 

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