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Away from Codependency 10-31-17

Away from Codependency

Awareness patterns:

1. I identify what I am feeling.
2. I clearly recognize how I feel.
3. I am dedicated to my own well-being.

Strong self-esteem patterns:

1. I pride myself in making decisions.
2. I recognize in a positive manner everything I think, say, and do.
3. I take pride in receiving recognition, praise, or gifts.
4. I ask others to meet my needs or desires.
5. I value my own thinking, feelings, and behavior over others’ approval of me.
6. I am a loveable and worthwhile individual.

Assertive patterns:

1. I stand firm on my own ideas. I am not intimidated by another’s anger.
2. I am sensitive and considerate to both myself and others.
3. I am loyal and make wise decisions that will enhance my well being.
4. I value and consider others’ opinions AND I am strong in expressing differing opinions and feelings of my own.
5. I take pride in my own interests and hobbies. Friendship, love, and intimacy nourish my life.

I am in control:

1. I believe others are capable of taking care of themselves.
2. I listen to what others think and feel.
3. I offer my assistance to others as it is appropriate.
4. When others ask, I offer.
5. I give to others without guilt or control. Gifts and favors are given from within simply for that moment without strings attached.
6. Others esteem and validate my self-respect.
7. My relationships are based on respect and growth.

Raymonde E-B (2002)

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