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Connie 4-11-17

CODA has helped me to truly live and enjoy my life. I was able to quickly recognize my codependent
behaviors. Before CODA, I did not understand why others did not adore me! Wasn't I a helpful, fun, and friendly person? Didn’t I give my all to my friendships? Why did my siblings often get upset with me? Was it just because I was the oldest child in the family? Why did I have so much trouble fitting in at my jobs? I thought I was a team player. Why did I give up on my jobs when the going got tough? I was perplexed all of the time and in denial of my codependent behaviors. I did not even know what the word codependent meant. When others rejected me, I felt alone and confused.

My healing began the moment I walked into my first CODA meeting where I immediately realized that I was codependent. The friendliness and helpfulness of others was palpable. Members in our group have a heart of gold and believe in the power of unity, service, and helping others along their path toward recovery. Now, I truly want to be a better person and am working on it every single day. Every day I devote time to my recovery by reading CODA literature and working the 12 Steps. I am more approachable and feel happy and complete. I recognize when I slip up and behave in a codependent manner, and work quickly to correct the behavior and make amends when needed. I have an awesome relationship with God, who is in my heart and walks beside me every second. Because of my higher power, I have a hope that was not present prior to CODA. My spirituality has grown so much, and I see the big picture of life and feel a connection to all. I am able to fully appreciate the inner beauty of my friends and family. I have close, equal friendships and know what it means to BE a friend. I am now looking forward to being of service to others in CODA. Whether it is to work on a Co-NNections project, to lead a meeting, hold an office, or be a sponsor when I complete my final steps of recovery.

Connie C

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