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Don B 9-19-17

"The Value of Service from the “CoDA In This Moment Daily Meditation book for August 25".
My sponsor has done service at the four levels of the program. While he never advised or urged me to do service I saw how good it was for him and made service at all levels of CoDA part of my recovery. I came into program a frightened guy hiding in isolation who avoided meaningful social interaction. Service gives me the opportunity to take contrary action. I have heard it said, service is a safe place to practice healthy relationships. I believe that is true. Like the real world doing service in CoDA gives me the chance to interact with people like me: damaged, broken, addicts and codependents. I can run and hide or try out detachment and letting go. I can’t count the number of Step 10 amends service has provided me. How I can practice feeling resentment and “Who do you think you are.” Which is my delusion of entitlement. I learned I can do service imperfectly which is contrary action from my life limiting perfectionism. For me service has been practicing healthy relationships with training wheels. It is a good thing I did not wait to be recovered before undertaking service. I would still be hiding in isolation.
Don B

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