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Peyton 5-9-17

have always and still do struggle with insecurities; I not only struggle with mine but find myself in intimate relationships with significant others that do as well. It is a repetitive cycle I find myself in with myself and with others. It is about reminding myself that God is greater than my doubts, fear and insecurities, and he has not brought me this far to let me fall. I must also be reminded that it is not my place to take on anyone else's insecurities. It is my part to do the next right thing and it doesn’t always agree with others, but reliance on a Higher Power allows me to be myself and allows others to be where they choose to be as well. I have to stay spiritually connected to remember God loves me and I must love myself too. Finding strength in my Higher Power allows me to keep putting one foot in front of the other, do the best I can with what I have, and leave the results to God. I must always remember that I am just a small part in God’s grand design and by aligning my will with his will, I better fit in the universal scheme of things. My insecurities seem to manifest most when I am working with others, have the spotlight on me, or doing something alien. Left to my own devices, I will self-destruct. I must rely on God’s grace, design for living through the program and solution-based thinking. I must pray often, step back, just breathe and trust the process—I will spiral out of control otherwise. That is assured failure because any success I have in my life is a direct result of the program and God's Divine Grace. Peace, love and recovery to you all; my name is Peyton S, and I am a Codependent.

Peyton S

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