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Self Care

Self Care

I will do nothing against the will of my heart.
(xejn kontra qalbi)

I will do everything to keep myself well in order not to have migraines.

I will close the door.
I will not communicate by cell phone, internet, conversation, with anyone who is toxic for me.
I will not give opinions, or judgements about their lives.  I will no longer listen to them.
I refuse to rent out my soul and my energy to feed the Addiction of Codependence.
I let go of everyone and everything that feeds that addiction.
I will be responsible for me and me alone.
I will practice meditation every day, and if I forget I will forgive myself
I will be happy with my reflection in the mirror.
I will not forget my lover  – the silence
Walking is the rhythm and the symmetry of the silence

I will swim in the sea every day, or try to wash my head and my feet in the sea
I will go to bootcamp even if I do not feel like it. and or yoga.
I will practise emptying my well (crying) every day to prevent migraines
I will wash myself every day even if I am afraid
I will go to the doctor even if I am afraid.
I will manage my money and not give it away to everyone
I will write, because this is the gift of me, and I will write as much as I can to make up
for the 25 years I stopped writing.


Maria S – 4/10/2017

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