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Freedom to Be Myself

I was introduced to CoDA when I was 22 years old.  I was very thankful to realize I wasn’t crazy and there was actually a name and a reason for my behavior and a group of wonderful people willing to share their stories and listen to mine!  WOW!  Not feeling isolated for the first time in my life was and continues to be the best feeling in the world.  No more asking myself, “What’s wrong with me?”  Having a definition for my behavior, being able to listen to others with similar behavior patterns and life experiences and best of all LEARNING to let go and learn how to think in a healthy way.  Letting go of self-blame, shaming, guilt.  I remember the first time I did something for myself without feeling overwhelmed with guilt or feeling that need to explain why it was necessary to anyone that would listen.  FREEDOM to be myself—what a gift.  Thank you to all the members of CoDA who share their successes and their struggles.  Together we heal our hearts and minds.

I’m thankful for those days when I realize in the moment that how I may be perceiving the situation is possibly skewed.  And it’s okay, because the realization, the pausing in the moment to reflect and breathe is real healing.  That pause brings me closer to learning to trust myself, my own thinking. That much closer to the REAL goal: self-validation.  To say that I am more than okay, that I am worthy of real, unconditional love.  Thank you to all those before me that have shared their stories, written books, prayed, cried and healed.  I am on my way…  It is a beautiful, chaotic, messy, lovely journey finding me.

Donna K 

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