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Grateful for Freedom

Hi! My English isn’t so good because it’s my second language but anyway I will share my story. 🙂

My parents were both alcoholics and my childhood passed in very sick circumstances. I was abused in many ways, not only mentally, emotionally and physically but also spiritually. When I was a child my parents often left me alone to do the household stuff instead of allowing me to go outside with my friends. If I didn’t finish cleaning, cooking, etc., before they come back home then I would get punched. It’s just a brief story to explain what kind of childhood I had. I was growing up as a co-addict to my parents. My childhood is just a war story, which turned to be the fundamental experience I leaned on in my life. I found men who were abusive toward me, and I treated myself the same way. Once I started to use drugs with one of my ex-boyfriends and I became addicted to it. This behavior I was taught from childhood has really destroyed my life.

By some miracle I found out about 12 Step programs and somehow started working steps and I swear to God I don’t know how it happened but I am recovering! It’s such a miracle! Today I haven’t used drugs for four years, I’m attending CoDA meetings, recovering from my addiction and co-addiction, and continuing to work the steps. My sponsor is a woman who gives me needed love. I am happily married to the best man in the whole world and he treats me so well that I couldn’t have dreamed about a relationship like we have :). Sure, I am still a co-addict, I make mistakes and once in awhile I feel like I am broken person but I am not alone anymore. Standing behind me is a whole fellowship of men and women recovering from the same disease as I am and I have tools to change my behavior and I am really grateful for that! I am very grateful that I have gotten a choice and freedom in my life! 


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