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I Enjoy Spring – 4-24-18

My share on the “In This Moment” 3/21 daily meditation: “I Enjoy Spring”
Although the calendar says “Spring”, I wake to freezing temperatures and check the weather to set a
time in the afternoon to walk my dog. Today’s CoDA meditation about spring flowers and warm days
and pretty flowers really does not apply when winter weather is wreaking havoc with N’oreasterner storms
slamming the East Coast.
Still, I can accept and be thankful for the “spring” awakening of CoDA recovery. I can reflect on my life
and my journey thus far. I can consider changes I want to make to continue to grow and heal. Some
character defects I was not even aware applied to me turn out to be huge: control, denial, low self-
esteem, avoidance…
Being aware helps me to accept myself where I’m at, but lovingly work to let go of patterns and
characteristics that are not healthy.
Recovery patterns are being practiced and I can be grateful the promises are becoming real.
Debbie in Michigan – 3/21/18
“God grant me the serenity to accept the people I cannot change … courage to change
the one I can … and wisdom to know that person is me.”

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