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I never thought that I was recovered enough to submit my story as recovery seems to never totally stop. It just keeps getting better and better.

I was raised in a very fundamentalist religion which I considered to be “just a bunch of rules I cannot obey”. My parents took extreme pleasure in beating me with a belt whenever I broke one of their rules which were impossible to keep. It seemed to give them great pleasure to beat me. Now I understand they had all the symptoms of Covert Narcissists. To the outside world, they were well educated and “pillars of the community”. It was in 1969 that I ran away and joined with the Hippie people. I received unconditional love and respect from them. I know that they saved my life. It still makes me angry when people make fun of them. I healed enough through their love to go back to College and graduate. My life was extremely difficult and I struggled to be successful as the world defines it. I finally discovered that I suffered from codependency from my childhood. My growth has been slow and on and off at times. I read hundreds of books and joined your fine program. CODA has shown me a well trodden path to recovery. I soon learned that my experience was all too common and more importantly, there was a solution. The application of the twelve steps of recovery was key to healing. I found a God that I could love and trust. I am still growing and life keeps getting better.

Much thanks to all

Larry – 03/06/2018

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