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Dan D – 4-9-19

I’m Dan, I’m codependent and in recovery. I’m getting better and enjoying the promises coming as I walk through the steps with my co-sponsor and step study meetings. I get to share my story and listen to others like it. I learn to meditate (listen) and pray, play, journal, call other recovering friends, and sometimes answer calls and tell people about CoDA. We call it carrying the message as suggested in Step 12. Of all the service work I’ve done, sharing my experience strength and hope is the best, for me. Thanks, God.

Dan D – 11/30/18

Thanks, God, for everything, even the lessons that sometimes hurt. Thanks for my wife of 48 years, eight awesome children and 12 priceless grandchilden, myriad grand-dogs, family and family of choice, friends, us, USA, veterans, clans, CoDA and other miracle programs, great educations, lessons learned in the US Air Force, mountains and rivers and oceans, spirituality, holidays, Holy Days, physical and improving mental health, healthy and loving relationships, 12 simple (but not easy) steps, Traditions, Promises, sponsors and co-sponsors, and opportunities to serve. Nice plan, HP. Thanks 🙂

Dan D – 11/30/18

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