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Destiny, A Woman of Faith – 5-14-19

Several years ago, I stepped into my first group meeting for codependency. That day helped changed my life and was the beginning of my recovery. Many great women in the groups supported me and were a part of my journey to healing. Without them and the steps, I might have been six feet under (literally). Codependency was a root illness of mine for years, but I did not know this until I was introduced to CoDA.

Because of the groups, and learning along the way, I was able to heal and reach the twelfth step, enlightenment. Over a year ago I wrote a book about my experience, due to the privacy and respect for CoDA, I did not reference the group or program by name.

The twelve steps of CoDA have changed my life, and I believe it has changed many others. I used the twelve steps as my guide to help me get closer to God and to overcome codependency, depression, anxiety, PTSD, childhood abuse, and a divorce from a narcissist.

Before I was introduced to CoDA, I was beyond broken, and for many years, I did not think that healing was even possible. Honestly, I thought I was going to be sick forever. It was with God that I was able to overcome many afflictions. The organization is a Godsend.

CoDA has taught me that sharing is healing. As part of my twelfth step, I would like to share my story with others, to give hope to anyone who is struggling with codependency. The steps really do work, I can attest because for years I did all twelve of them. Of course, I still stumble and fall and have to go back to one of the steps every now and then.

I want to personally thank CoDA and the people involved who help make this organization possible, you have no idea how many lives you have saved, including mine.

With gratitude and love,

Destiny, a Woman of Faith 2/11/19

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