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Happy New Year – 4-27-19

I had a CoDA miracle in my life last June, and for the past 6 months, I have been walking around in a pink cloud. I thought life was amazing, and everyone God brought into my life was there just for me. I guess it was like being born all over again and seeing life for the first time. Now the real hard work begins! Now I must start rebuilding my life.

I will need boundaries, so my life is not too big or too small. I will need structure so it doesn’t fall over, and I must build my life with thoughtfulness, serenity, love and kindness.

I will build my new life according to plans drawn up long ago by the great architect, also known as Higher Power. My new life must have a good foundation, and everything must be level and square. My new life must have a good roof, because I know it will storm from time to time. I want lots of windows so I can enjoy the view, and to let in lots of light. My new life will need a front and a back door to let in all my new friends, and good locks to keep me safe from people who would hurt me, or exploit me.

I have applied for permits, and I am waiting on permission to begin construction. I have been gathering tools to do the job.

1) I have the CoDA Book for directions. 2) The workbook to check my work. 3) I have lots of CDs to listen to as I put one brick on top of the other. 4) I recently acquired a 12 piece relationship tool kit that was designed to keep all my baggage neatly arranged and in its proper place. 5) A book of prayers to say, when things start to tilt, or get out of kilter.

I have consultants on the project, too: there is my counselor, my sponsor and all my friends in CoDA.

Next year I might do some interior decorating, and I might put a deck on the back so I can enjoy the view. Because I am not going anywhere. I like it just fine right here.

Happy NEW YEAR! Jim K – 04/27/2019

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