Co-NNections Recovery Stories

Joe – 2-26-19

This is my story about my two and a half months in CoDA. I call it “Walking Stride for Stride”

Not so long ago I was down and out. I couldn’t see clearly, my vision was in doubt. Don’t believe anything you hear and only half of what you see. See my mind would play tricks on me. Our eyes are the windows to our soul and without tears our rainbows would have no rainbows. Every day and night the hours just passed. My mind solely focusing on my past. I did not understand the pain inside me until that one Tuesday night when I walked in to renewed hope. Now I can see clearly. I understand my feelings and I welcome my fears that I face. Now I know all I have to do is “let go.” My higher power’s strength shows through. These feelings I understand are true. The darkness inside me turns to light. The end is near, I have it in sight. My empty soul and black heart is filled with love and joy. Freedom is what I now feel and have. With all this knowledge I have gained I know I’ll never walk alone again. I will stay in the light walking stride for stride with Him, praying for those who are still in pain. With the understanding when I die it won’t be in vain. See what I have is known as Serenity!!!!

Thank you,
Joe S – 02/26/2019

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