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Robin C. – 8-3-19

Conventions and retreats with the larger CoDA fellowship have been a big part of strengthening my recovery over the years. It was at my first CoDA convention that I witnessed functional ways of dealing with conflict. I watched two workshop presenters who were preparing their presentation and struggling to be on the same page pause, say the serenity prayer together and start their conversation over. 

At conventions and retreats, I receive the gift of fellowship and an expanded understanding of the worldwide fellowship of which I am a member. I am able to attend extra meetings with recovering codependents from all over the world, build my personal recovery phone list with phone numbers of members whose recovery I admire and keep in touch via outreach calls. I hear speakers and attend workshops that strengthen my recovery toolbox and I bring home materials to use for myself and share with my meetings. I take time for self-care in the form of journaling, rest, fellowship and play. 

A CoDA convention is where I met the woman who has been my sponsor for the past 7 years. At times while attending CoDA events, difficult stuff has come up for me and support has been available. Over the years, I have enjoyed long car rides with members from my local groups traveling together to and from CoDA events. I come away feeling like my recovery has gotten a booster shot. I feel more connected and proud to be a part of such an amazing program. I am very much looking forward to this year’s International CoDA convention!

Robin C. – 8/1/19

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