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Sossi – 4-16-19

Hello! I’m a codependent by birth! Always wanted other people’s attention and love. I was addicted to candy and gum as a child. Would peel it off the ground and chew it! It was as if I needed something to push down my pain. I was sexually abused by my father’s cousin at 3!! But I am such a strong person. Always have been. Defeated death many times. My favorite therapist said that I have the strongest spirit he’s ever known. My base core problem is “looking for love in all the wrong places” remember that song? That was me. Constantly looking outside myself for love. Well, it’s not outside myself! It’s within and without ? my spirit is all around me and inside. I learned that about 10 years ago when the same therapist said, “The kind of love you want is not outside but within. No one is going to love you the way you want to be loved but you!” That was the key to unlocking what was hidden inside myself. The kind of love I want is not outside of me! Holy moly! Wow! Stop looking for it, start accepting it. It’s within. Everything I had been looking for I found. And it was there all along. I love who I am today in every way. ?  And I let go and let not your but my Higher Power guide me and protect me. Loving myself is the key to recovery and life. And letting go of others.

Thanks! – Sossi D 2/16/19

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