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November 3, 2020

10 Years ago, I was separated from my wife and children. I had recently decided to leave because I fell in love with someone else. Of course, I could not commit to my girlfriend either. I was a complete mess, saying and doing things that were completely erratic. I almost got fired from my job and everything that I had so tirelessly worked for began to unravel. I moved back in with my parents (I can’t tell you how difficult that was!), and was forced to evaluate my behavior.

I found CoDA through a book and eventually took the brave step to show up to a meeting. It was there that I found the love and support that began my journey to see how co-dependent I was with my mother, wife, and girlfriend. I could not survive in a world where I was not always accepted and loved by someone. At odds with everyone, I was forced to face reality and stop the behaviors that led me down this terrible path. I attended meetings every week, did the work, started attending 2 meetings a week when things got really tough, and did more work.

While I have not attended a meeting in a while, I know that meetings and my sponsor were the greatest place for me at that time. I am deeply in love with my family, have set appropriate boundaries, and still pull out my big book from time to time and pray a prayer of gratitude. Thank you CoDA.

Jason E. – 9/29/20

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